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    • Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole - An Attic Coaxial-Cable trap dipole for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 meters
    • W5GI Mystery Antenna - W5GI Mystery Antenna is a multi-band wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software. This antenna covers 80 to 6 meters with low feed point impedance and will work with most radios, with or without an antenna tuner. It is approximately 100 feet long, can handle the legal limit, and is easy and inexpensive to build. It�s similar to a G5RV but a much better performer especially on 20 meters.
    • A magnetic loop antenna for HF - Able to cover all frequencies between 3.5 and about 10 MHz, the loop described here is directional, does not require a radial system, and stands just 1.8 metres tall. Most parts needed can be purchased at a hardware shop. The antenna can be put together in an afternoon and requires only hand tools to assemble. It should cost less than sixty dollars to build. by Peter Parker VK3YE ex VK1PK
    • Trapped dipole for 40-80-160 meters - Build a space efficient trapped dipole antenna for 40-80-160 meter bands using RG-58 and PVC pipe by W8NX
    • Build this Novice 4 band vertical - Home made vertical antenna for 80 40 15 10 meters ARRL PDF file taken from QST June 1978
    • Super Loop Antenna - Superloop III designed by Jim, W4FTU
    • 80 Meters frame antenna - Frame antenna for 80 and 160 meters band
    • 160/80m Coaxial Receiving Loop Antennas - Receiving loop antenna for top band. This antenna allow to reduce noise on both bands. The stand alone 80m loop is approximately four feet in diameter. And made of light weight material. Which makes it ideal for portable use or you can mount it above a pre-existing vhf antenna, and due to it's small size it is quite rotatable.
    • 40m/80m Portable antenna - Portable antenna for 40 and 80 meter
    • Short Dipole for 80 Meters - May be of interest to anyone wishing to get on 80M (3.5MHz) that have limited space available.
    • VK5AH -HF 4 Bander dipole - 80 - 40 - 20 - 15 meters dipole antenna
    • Double bazooka coaxial dipole antenna - From WH2T Dr Ace's Double Bazooka Coaxial Dipole
    • Stealth Multiband Vertical - A vertical antenna for 40 and 80 meters band, using a telescoping fiberglass fishing pole.
    • KQ6XA Antennas and towers - Interesting antennas pojects such as Broadband/Multiband Dipole and Tower radiating antennas for 80m and 160m, HF antenna for the micro-light backpacking enthusiast
    • Roofspace Antennas - How to build a roofspace antennas and get them to work. Explains how to build an effective antenna in your roof. Very interesting if you don't have possibilities to setup an antenna in your roof.
    • 80 meters wire antenna - A reduced-size 80-meter antenna designed for small lots, portable use, and a fine companion for QRP
    • 80 Meters EH Antenna plan - Building this antenna is very easy and inexpensive, 6 Foot EH Antenna
    • A $50 Beverage - This antenna makes 80 and 160 enjoyable. Less than $50 to hear Europeans all summer on the LF bands seems like a good deal if you have the space!
    • Double-L For 80/160 - Double-L Antenna For 80/160 by Don Toman, K2KQ
    • Build a Double Bazooka HF antenna - Build a double bazooka coaxial dipole, broad-band dipole antenna
    • Semi-vertical trap antenna - The G3NGD Semi-vertical Trap Antenna for 1,8 3,5 and 7MHz
    • Build A Magnetic Loop - Documents and schema on how to build a Magnetic Loop Antenna fo 80/30 mtrs
    • Double Extended Zepp Antenna - This double extended Zepp provides 3 db gain over a dipole on the band it is designed for. Each side or leg is about 5/8 wavelength long.
    • K3KY's Short Beverage - Originally planned as an 80/160 Beverage, this antenna is a terrific performer on 40 and 30 meters
    • The Lattin 5 Band antenna - The antenna was named for W4JRW who invented it and holds a patent on the basic principle and uses quarter wave stubs, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands
    • My 80 Meter Magnetic Loop - A custom made 80 meter loop antenna. Reports on usage and tips to build the support.
    • 80M Vertical antenna with capacitance hat - Simple wire antenna cheap to make, using readily available materials, Low angle radiation, with rejection of high angle signals Wide bandwidth, with resonance at the 80M DX window (3.790-3.800 MHz); and Maximum height is 40 feet
    • Dual Loop 80 and 40 Meter - A dual loop antenna, ZZ Wave Net HF Wire Antenna Project by VE6VIS. The antenna is basically a full wave 80 meter loop on top and a 40 meter loop on the bottom all supported from a 64 foot center support
    • A wideband 80 meter dipole - This worthy antenna is so simple and inexpensive you will want more than one by N6LF
    • 80m 2 element Yagi antenna - 2 elements short boom yagi for 80 meters
    • Multi-Band Super Mini Loop Antenna - How to make the Super antenna. To build this antenna you need a lot that is at least 100 feet across. Antenna covers all bands 80-10 meters + 30, 17, 12 meter WARC Bands This antenna works as a Full Wave Loop on 80 Meters and also works as a 2 wavelength open loop or Bi-Square on the 40 Meter band
    • A Lowband Antenna that is Almost Free - The Shunt-fed Tower, an effective Low Band Antenna, uses your beam as a capacitive top-hat and only needs a simple feed network and a good ground system to work DX on 80M and 160M.
    • Receiving antenna for low bands - K9AY loop antenna installed at PA6Z Contest group. This is a receiving antennas for the low bands (160m, 80m and 40m). Include schematics and info on a building the control box, preamplifier and low-pass filter
    • Rotatable delta loop - W2UP rotatable low band receiving delta loop
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