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    • A magnetic loop antenna for HF - Able to cover all frequencies between 3.5 and about 10 MHz, the loop described here is directional, does not require a radial system, and stands just 1.8 metres tall. Most parts needed can be purchased at a hardware shop. The antenna can be put together in an afternoon and requires only hand tools to assemble. It should cost less than sixty dollars to build. by Peter Parker VK3YE ex VK1PK
    • Magnetic Loop antenna - Why is an Magnetic Loop antenna so special, this antenna is picking only the magnetic part of the elektro magnetic radio wave. The big advantage of this antenna is that the electric interference from the big city have no influence on the received signal
    • Portable Loop Antenna - This loop it is small and light enough to carry while operating, it disassembles into small but rugged pieces that fit easily in a backpack or gym bag, and it can be tuned from 14 MHz to 30 MHz. This tunable magnetic loop antenna is my contribution to the well established art of amateur loop making. Can be tuned from 14 MHz to 30 MHz.
    • A magnetic loop antenna - Magnetic loop antenna by GM3MXN
    • RockLoop Antenna - A Compact antenna for 10.1, 14 & 21 Mhz Bands. A multiband portable antenna suitable for QRP operations.
    • A Portable Multi-Band Magnetic Loop Antenna - Described here is a simple multi-band magnetic loop antenna designed for 20, 30 and 40 metres, but by changing the overall length of the wire coverage of other bands is feasible
    • Build A Magnetic Loop - Documents and schema on how to build a Magnetic Loop Antenna fo 80/30 mtrs
    • Small Loop Antennas - Experience and practical use of magnetic loop antennas, by N0HC
    • My 80 Meter Magnetic Loop - A custom made 80 meter loop antenna. Reports on usage and tips to build the support.
    • HF Copper Loop - A small transmitting loop antenna for 14MHz and 21MHz. This is an antenna you might consider if you have limited space, by Lloyd Butler VK5BR Based on material originally published in Amateur Radio, 11 1991
    • W8JI Technical pages - Amplifier, vacuum tube, receiving beverage loop vertical and transmitting antenna system technical information radiation resistance, EH antenna, noise,receivers, and information on keyclicks.
    • MAGLoop Antenna - Magnetic loop antenna for 10-30 MHZ, 3.5-10 MHZ, description, construction details, homemade.
    • How to build a tuned loop antenna - How can you vastly improve your Medium Wave reception? its quite simple really, all you need is 120 foot of wire, a few lengths of timber and an old tuning capacitor with which you can build the answer to every DX'ers prayers, a tuned loop antenna.
    • VHF Magnetic Loop - VHF magnetic loop atenna by ON1DHT
    • A Magnetic Loop Antenna for Shortwave Listening (SWL) by KR1ST - A well documented plan to build a magnetic loop antenna for Shortwave Listening, includes photos and diagrams.
    • HF Receiving Loop Antenna - HF receiving loop antenna, an easy-to-make receiving loop antenna for HF
    • LA6NCA Loop antenna - Car mount magnetic loop antenna plans from 3.5 MHz to 7.5 MHz, LA6NCA, Larvik, Norway
    • How to build your own Magnetic Loop - An easy guide to "How to build your own magnetic loop" for 20 meters
    • Magnetic loop for 80m - Magnetic loop for 80m OH7SV, includes the OH7SV Magnetic Loop Calculator in an Excel file
    • K9FV 40 meters band loop - A Mississippi Style 40 meter magnetic loop made from available aluminum conduit, this antenna will not disappoint by Ken Holland, K9FV
    • A multi-band super mini loop antenna - To build this antenna you need a lot that is at least 100 feet across. Antenna covers all bands 80-10 meters + 30, 17, 12 meter WARC Bands
    • 144 Mhz Magnetic Loop - A magnetic loop antenna for 144 mhz, two meter band
    • HB9ABX Felix - Ham Station description of HB9ABX and CE3CWF, magnetic loop antenna details, Free Energy devices, Pictures from Switzerland and Chile.
    • GM4XRF Loop antenna plan - A motor driven magnetic loop antenna 1.5 meters square for 3.5-10MHZ by GM4XRF
    • Remote Loop Tuning - Lyle Koehler's article on remote use of LF loop antennas for receiving purposes.
    • Loop Antennas and Calculator - The purpose of the calculator is to give you a quick overview of the feasibility of "squeezing" a loop into your available yard or apartment space. The calculator yields a reasonable approximation of dimensions, to within 5% over the amateur bands, using typical wire gauges ranging from 12-18 AWG.
    • Loop antenna resonant frequency calculator - Calculates resonant frequency of a loop antenna, correcting for distributed capacitance.
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    • Pocket Loop Antenna - The Pocket Loop is a small magnetic loop antenna designed for a carry anywhere operation, it disassembles in 33 centimeters pieces that can be carried even on an attaché handbag.
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    • Portable loop antennas photos - HF pedestrian operation using loop antennas by PY1AHD
      [Hits: 2620 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 1.00]
    • Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna Version 2 - A simple multi-band magnetic loop antenna designed for 20, 30 and 40 metres. For its size, the performance of the antenna always astounds me, although it is never going to replace a Yagi
      [Hits: 3949 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 10.00]
    • Practical experiments with Magnetic Loop - antennas experiments by David Reid PA3HBB G0BZF
      [Hits: 4163 | Votes: 5 | Rate: 7.20]
    • Quad loop antenna for 10 meters - A 27-28 Mhz quad loop antenna by Bernard Mourot F6BCU in french
      [Hits: 924 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 2.33]
    • Receiving Loops antennas for 1.8 Mhz - An article on how to build an efficient receive only loop antenna for 160 meters by Lloyd Butler VK5BR
      [Hits: 2850 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 6.50]
    • Remote Loop Tuning - Lyle Koehler's article on remote use of LF loop antennas for receiving purposes.
      [Hits: 7795 | Votes: 5 | Rate: 4.40]
    • Rockloop Antenna @dl1gsj - A magnetic loop made just of wire. Suitable for portable usage and for QRP operations.
      [Hits: 1664 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • Small loop antenna for 15 and 20 meters - A Small Transmitting Loop Antenna for 14MHz and 21MHz. This is an antenna you might consider if you have limited space by Lloyd Butler VK5BR
      [Hits: 2817 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 2.00]
    • Small Loop Antennas by AA5TB - Also known as Magnetic Loop Antennas, by AA5TB, construction tips and tecniques of a Small Loop antenna
      [Hits: 2303 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 7.00]
    • Small magnetic receiving loops - Article about magnetic loops, construction notes and diagrams
      [Hits: 2121 | Votes: 5 | Rate: 7.60]
    • Small Tuned Loop Antenna - Picture and reference links for STL Small tumed loops antennas by DJ3TZ
      [Hits: 725 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 1.00]
    • Soft copper Tube Loops - Air conditioning soft copper tubes are perfect for loop construction. If you want to try a loop you must have an air variable capacitor or a vacuum variable capacitor. Article by PY1AHD
      [Hits: 570 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • Tableantenna - An invisible magnetic loop antenna mounted under a table by PY1AHD
      [Hits: 1862 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • Testing with the Loop Antenna - NRSC AM bandwidth measurements with the loop antenna
      [Hits: 414 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • The Four Foot Loop Antenna - AM Four Foot Loop Antenna for VLF
      [Hits: 2620 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 8.00]
    • The G3BGR Magnetic Loop - This ia a home built Magnetic loop antenna which was used by G3BGR, indoors on 7,10 and 14Mhz. The basic idea was in Radcom 1986
      [Hits: 931 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • The L7 HamLoop antenna for 17 meters - K6SGH introduce the hamloop antenna L7 series
      [Hits: 2389 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 8.00]
    • The Light Loop - A small magnetic loop ready for a hand held walk and talk operation by PY1AHD
      [Hits: 2216 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 9.67]
    • The magnetic loop antenna - An article about magnetic loop antennas in spanish
      [Hits: 553 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 5.50]
    • The new magnetic - Another illustrated magnetic loop antenna project
      [Hits: 1802 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 3.00]
    • The Ribbon Cable Loop - The portable 3 foot ribbon cable loop
      [Hits: 3282 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 7.67]
    • The Thick Loop - The performance of a small magnetic loop can be improved constructing it larger, thicker or both. The antenna is covering from 12 Megahertz to 32 megahertz and adding a 156 Pico farads ceramic capacitor it resonates on the 40 meters band. by PY1AHD
      [Hits: 805 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • The two foot loop Antenna - two foot AM loop antenna
      [Hits: 3111 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 8.00]
    • The WWVB Receiving Antenna - The construction of this antenna is intended to be inexpensive, fast, and effective. Very capable in receiving WWVB from california.
      [Hits: 2679 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 9.00]
    • Thinking about Ideal Loops - Loop antennae have been used from ELF to UHF since the beginning of radiocommunications. At low frequencies, the main problem for loop antennae is to have enough sensitivity; the antenna being very small respect to the wavelength the collected energy is also small. To increase the output level the loop may be made resonant, so loosing it%u2019s intrinsic aperiodic characteristics.
      [Hits: 1470 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • Three or four foot box loop - Plans to build a three or four foot box loop for the AM broadcast band, will tune from 530 to 1710 kHz.
      [Hits: 3802 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 7.00]
    • VHF Antenna in a Lunchbox - The magnetic loop on two metres
      [Hits: 1126 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • VHF Magnetic Loop - VHF magnetic loop atenna by ON1DHT
      [Hits: 15471 | Votes: 27 | Rate: 3.93]
    • VHF TX Loop - VHF Antenna in a lunchbox. The magnetic loop on two metres band Lloyd Butler VK5BR
      [Hits: 4071 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 5.00]
    • VLF Loop Antenna - A project on building a VLF loop antenna
      [Hits: 4546 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 3.00]
    • W2BRI's Magnetic Loop Site - Magnetic loop antennas for HF and above , magnetic loop info, how to build a magnetic loop, Magnetic Loop Antenna FAQs.
      [Hits: 2667 | Votes: 4 | Rate: 7.50]
    • W6OAV'S LOOP - Bill Rinker, W6OAV, handcrafted this compact magnetic HF loop from copper and pvc plumbing supplies, a 12 volt motor, and some teflon sheets. He's had great reports with it.
      [Hits: 1638 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • Water tuned loop antenna - A QRP 900 grams hydraulic tuned small magnetic loop antenna by PY1AHD Alex.
      [Hits: 1786 | Votes: 0 | Rate: 0.00]
    • Wellbrook ALA 1530 active magnetic loop review - Interesting review about active magnetic loop antenna Wellbrook ALA 1530 and 330S by ON4SKY
      [Hits: 3263 | Votes: 4 | Rate: 6.75]
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