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    • A portable 10/20/40 mt vertical antenna - A portable vertical antenna for 10 to 40 meters, designed for mobile operations can be used in a car as seen in pictures. A modified version for 20 and 40 meters is described too.
    • 40m/80m Portable antenna - Portable antenna for 40 and 80 meter
    • HF portable antenna - 40 to 6 meters - Phil Salas AD5X 40 through 6 meter HF portable multiband antenna, construction article, plans, and photos
    • Portable Loop Antenna - This loop it is small and light enough to carry while operating, it disassembles into small but rugged pieces that fit easily in a backpack or gym bag, and it can be tuned from 14 MHz to 30 MHz. This tunable magnetic loop antenna is my contribution to the well established art of amateur loop making. Can be tuned from 14 MHz to 30 MHz.
    • 144-430 portable j-pole antenna - A portable dual band j-pole antenna
    • 2 Meters Bicycle Antenna - 2 Meter Antenna for Bicycle Mobile Operation
    • RockLoop Antenna - A Compact antenna for 10.1, 14 & 21 Mhz Bands. A multiband portable antenna suitable for QRP operations.
    • A Portable Multi-Band Magnetic Loop Antenna - Described here is a simple multi-band magnetic loop antenna designed for 20, 30 and 40 metres, but by changing the overall length of the wire coverage of other bands is feasible
    • The Little Stick Antenna - The Little Stick antenna is an aluminium version of the Vertical Bazooka design which was made from coax.
    • W3FF Portable Dipole - This is the antenna w3ff designed for his walking portable station. It is a dipole constructed out of the plastic plumbing pipe CPVC. There are telescoping whips at the ends of each side of the dipole, and these whips are adjusted to bring the antenna into resonance on each of five HF Bands 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20 Meters
    • M3FVB VHF 8db collinear - Build a 2m 8db collinear for portable use
    • A two dollar helical hf portable antenna - Hereís an easily transportable vertical antenna for 20 meters collapsible to 4 feet that costs about $2.00 to make. This was created as a fun project to demonstrate how to enjoy operating HF in the field with a home-made portable antenna without spending a ton of money. Bev AH6NF (YL) made this antenna, tuned and ready to operate in less than one hour
    • 2 meter dipole antenna - Pictures comments and detail on a 2 elements antenna for 2 meters band
    • Whip antenna for Yaesu FT-817 - Picture collection of a whip antenna similar to the Whip Miracle, in italian
    • A tri-band 2 element portable Yagi - Additional notes and eznec file on original article of a Portable 3-Band Yagi antenna for 10-15-20 meter band made with wire elements, original article published by VE7CA
    • M1IOS - Wonder Whip antenna and tuner - M1IOS Wonder Whip antenna - The M1IOS Wonder Whip A 10 dollars QRP Portable Multiband Antenna for HF, VHF and UHF A variation on the Miracle Whip and Wander Wand. This antenna tuning unit will get your SWR really low on telescopic whips, mobile 3/8th antenna and long wires. A remarkable little tuner that really works!
    • Handi-Tenna portable satellite antenna - Here is a high-performance hand-held beam antenna that is easy to build and guaranteed to improve your downlink from the LEO satellites over ANY rubber duck or mobile whip
    • The flower pot antenna - A portable dual-band antenna working principally on 10 meters but also close to the 30 meter band. Itís compact, light, economical and doesnít need any radial.
    • PAC-12 Vertical portable antenna - Build the PAC-12 Antenna a multi-band portable vertical designed by KA5DVS, hereís an award-winning, easy-to-homebrew, multi-band portable vertical antenna designed by long-time antenna aficionado James Bennett, KA5DVS. Heís documented the design and construction plans for a portable antenna
    • A Portable Antenna for Satellites - A portable antenna for mode B and J satellites
    • Slinky Antennas - The first recorded use of the slinky as an antenna was by American soldiers during the Vietnam conflict. The slinkies were thrown over trees and used in emergencies when the normal antennas weree out of action
    • Balcony antennas - What is the best balcony antenna? what antenna would you recommend for use on typical hotel balcony? Read some answers here
    • The GM3VLB 5 Band mini delta beam - HF multiband mini delta compact and easy assembling antenna that cover from 20 to 10 meters by GM3VLB
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    • The Perfect Portable HF Antenna - About portable antennas for portable operations or field operations
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    • The Versatile Vee Beam - An aerial that you can use on all eight High Frequency amateur bands (80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m) with an antenna tuner, and which gives significant gain on the five bands from 20 m to 10 m
      [Hits: 1062 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 10.00]
    • Travel loop antennas Priority listing - PA11019 Travel loop antennas, these antennas cover 6.300 to 29.200 mHz , handle 35 Watts and have a packing size of 43 cm, ideal for fieldwork, or mobile operations.
      [Hits: 3153 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 9.00]
    • Ultimate Portable HF Vertical Antenna - A light and compact antenna that is easy to build, and easy to find parts for. Band coverage is 60 through 10 meters.
      [Hits: 3543 | Votes: 3 | Rate: 8.67]
    • VE7CA portable tribander yagi - 30/17/12 and 20/15/10-Meter Tribanders and a 40 meters inverted V wire yagi antenna
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    • Vertical antenna for Vacation - Vertical Vacation Antenna for 80, 40 and 20 Meter-Band, by Herbert OE3BMB This antenna is a full size λ/4 for 20m and 40m band, and a shortened λ/4 for the 80m band. Generally on the 40m band the SWR is under 1,6. In 80m and 20m band at the resonant frequency the SWR is about 1,1.
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    • Vertical Dipole for 40 Meters band - A lightweight portable vertical antenna for 40m
      [Hits: 613 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 5.50]
    • VHF coaxial antenna COBRA - An efficient vhf antenna for portable use by F5KIN
      [Hits: 1656 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 5.00]
    • VHF/UHF Wideband Portable Dipole - A portable dualband dipole robust and compact antenna usable for horizontal and vertical polarisation by ON6MU
      [Hits: 2639 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 5.50]
    • Vipormutant antenna by ON6MU - A Versatile Innovative Portable Multi-band Tunable Antenna can work HF VHF and UHF ideal as portable or balcony antenna
      [Hits: 2656 | Votes: 5 | Rate: 4.80]
    • W1JKS homebrew Buddipole - An homebrew buddipole antenna for field usage made with common pvc poles and other easy to find material
      [Hits: 1576 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 9.00]
    • Water tuned loop antenna - A QRP 900 grams hydraulic tuned small magnetic loop antenna by PY1AHD Alex.
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    • WB2HOL Foxhunting beam - Building the WB2HOL foxhunting beam antenna
      [Hits: 718 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 3.00]
    • WB6BYU Tape Measure Yagi - A tape measure yagi antenna for 145.000 MHz suitable for ARDF
      [Hits: 1070 | Votes: 2 | Rate: 5.50]
    • Whip antenna for Yaesu FT-817 - Picture collection of a whip antenna similar to the Whip Miracle, in italian
      [Hits: 13268 | Votes: 6 | Rate: 6.50]
    • YP3 Super Antenna tests - The Yagi from Super Antennas was tested the first time by IS0/DK7ZB in 2009 on Sardinia Island
      [Hits: 300 | Votes: 1 | Rate: 10.00]
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