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    • Antenna basics - Basics by From Ian C. Purdie, VK2TIP
    • Balun Theory - The word balun means balanced-unbalanced: it's used to adapt a balanced device to an unbalanced one
    • J-Pole theory - The J-Pole antenna is an omnidirectional antenna that can be used for base, mobile and field day stations. It does not need a ground plane, radials or a complicated matching system. The J-Pole can be cheaply, simply and quickly constructed using a variety of techniques, some of which are discussed in this article.
    • Antennas basics - An antenna study guide by NZART, cover basic topics like dipoles, wave lenght calculation, baluns, beams, dummy loads, and measurements.
    • Install a PL-259 on an RG-8X - A better way to install PL-259 connectors on RG-8X type coax by Dan Richardson, K6MHE
    • Basic Antenna Theory - Basic antenna theory by sub-TV
    • Antennas and Grounds for apartments - Suggestions on finding RF ground when you live in an apartment and you want to setup an antenna
    • Do You Need an Antenna Tuner - Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on the type of antenna and feed line you're using. QST Article in pdf format
    • Dipole Height - How High should my Dipole be? Dipole Antennas and the effect of height above ground
    • Why an Antenna Radiates - How antenna works by ARRL
    • Grounding system - Perhaps one of the most over looked aspects of setting up a listening post is a ground system
    • How to Construct a Dipole - Basic and illustrated article on building wire dipole antennas. This page is about "how to build a dipole antenna"
    • FAQs - Basic Antenna Theory - Faqs and antenna basics
    • Types of multiband antennas - Types of multi-band antennas for the HF bands, from the horizontal end fed wire, to g5rv, log periodics, trap dipoles, vee beams and rhombic antennas.
    • Antennas : theory and designs - Thierry LOMBRY, ON4SKY, develops in several long articles all you need to know about antennas, their design and performance, for both amateurs and SWL
    • W1GHZ Microwave Antenna Book - The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book online
    • Understanding Standing Wave Ratios SWR - We worry a lot about Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) in amateur radio since SWR is one indication of how well our antenna system is working. Most HF transceivers and antenna tuners have built in SWR meters. SWR is a measure of a transceiverís output power verses the portion of that power reflected by the antenna system By Ken Larson KJ6RZ
    • Low Noise Antenna Connection - Reducing noise to your antenna can gain your aerial performance, learn how.
    • Antenna Noise and Signal Cancelling at LF - By using the signals from two antennas, controlling their relative amplitudes and controlling the phase of one of them, unwanted signal or unwanted noise can be phased out. Circuitry is described which uses the signal from a wire antenna to provide selective cancelling against the signal output from an LF loop antenna.
    • G5RV Measurements - Measurements and characteristics of a G5RV Antenna, including effect of the transmission line as part of the antenna and contributes in a large way to it's multi band characteristics
    • Amateur Radio Antennas: Ground Theory - Perfect ground vs. poor ground. What is the difference? How does the ground influence the DX-gain?
    • Antenna & Mounts - Mobile antennas, how to install antennas in the roof of a vehicle and how tune antennas.
    • Rainbow Antenna Analyzer - A small and inexpensive measurement device designed to determine antenna performance across the amateur bands through use of automatically collected SWR readings
    • Using Delta Matching on HF Beams - Using delta match with HF antennas design
    • Dipole Calculation - Determining your proper length for the open half-wave dipole antenna
    • The Quarter Wave Sloper or the Inverted-V Dipole - A question that seems to be asked nearly everyday is, which is best, the quarter wave sloper or the inverted-V dipole? PDF File by AD communications.
    • HF antenna for high rise dwellers - If you have ever tried transmitting on HF from a tall block of apartments, where it's just not possible to erect a substantial aerial system, then this article is for you by Mel G4WYW
    • Loading inductors in mobile antennas - Mobile antennas, loading coil current, and loaded antennas. efficiency and electrical rules. Loading inductors used in mobile HF antennas.
    • Directional arrays - About collinear array antennas
    • Actual Antenna SWR - Easy for calculate formula which could be a wake-up call for you. The SWR value at the input of antenna cable is not a actual SWR of your favorite antenna.
    • Coax velocity factor - Coax Cables velocity factor article in pdf format
    • To Trap or Not to Trap - An interesting article on traps, pros and cons of trapping by W4RNL
    • Marine corps antenna handbook - U.S. Marine Corps in PDF format
    • Another way to look at vertical antennas - What iss the difference between a dipole and a vertical? Maybe not as much as you think. Come along and try another point of view.
    • The DK7ZB-Match for Yagis - Simple, easy to built match developed in 1995 for Yagis with resistitive loads of 12.5, 18 and 28 Ohm.
    • Antenna Transmatch Tips - Tips on tuning antennas using Antenna Tuning Units also called ATU. This article explains the functions and ills of tuners, along with some guide- lines for building an ATU.
    • Radiation and scattering - Basic antenna theory, Antenna directivity and effective area, Antenna arrays
    • Trap antennas, coaxial trap, coax dipole antenna loss resistance - Testing and comparison of traps and trap antennas
    • Vertical plane antennas' beaming comparision - Animated quad and yagi comparison. You can see antennas' characteristics behavior in a vertical plane with changing of the height.
    • Low reactance multiband center feed wires - An antenna system is more easily interfaced to a radio when the input reactance at the feedline terminals is low or close to series resonance
    • Coaxial cable dipole for 80m - Here are some simple antennas you can build along with calculators to help you get the right length.
    • 50MHz Power Splitters - Splitting an antenna between two receivers or in use as the phasing harness in stacked antennas where there is a need to equally split the power from the transmitter between two antennas
    • Sloper Antenna Tests - Mark Connelly - WA1ION tests on slooper antennas
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