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    • Alfa Charly - Alfa Charly International 11 meters DX group official homepage.
    • American Eagle SSB CB'ers Club - Brotherhood of 11-meter SSB radio operators. Based out of Chester, MA. USA
    • Delta Tango DX Group - Delta Tango 98 International DX group official HQ web site
    • Citizens Band Mid~West - A very attractive and informative site designed to promote the professional operation and knowledge of Citizens Band Radio
    • Delta kilo - All about CB-Radio, DX, and the DK-Club
    • Alfa Romeo DX Group - The alfa romeo international dx group is an international 11 meter ssb dx group. Promoting peace and understanding throughout the world breaking down all barriers between nations via ssb communications.
    • Lima Delta CB DX Group - Long Distance comunications in 11MT LD - official web site
    • Whiskey Alpha DX group - "Formed in 1996 in the USA, the ""Whiskey Alpha"" group has members in a few different country's and is growing every day. We provide all members with a ""personalized"" QSL card design. Membership has no annual dues, and is for life."
    • Sierra Fox - An 11 meter radio club
    • Tango Echo DX Group - Thames Estuary DX Group based in SE England. Mods, links and radio contests throughout the year.
    • Lima Delta U.S.A - Lima Delta U.S.A
    • Romeo Charlie - On this site you can find all info about Romeo Charlie French group, the RC DX infos, IOTA info, a RC internet directory, all the QSL, the awards and many links
    • Knight Patrol Int. Dx Group - The Original KP Group founded in 1982. National DX Group for The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
    • Thracian Rose Club - The Thracian Rose Club has been created in the Roses' City Kazanlak (Bulgaria) in 1993. Its main goal is to promote contacts within the radio community members (HAM, CB and SWL).
    • West Virginia DX Club - The only existing 11 meter club located in the state of West Virginia. Offers great radio, antenna, and general radio information.
    • International Misfits - Worldwide DXing club with online roster and membership is FREE
    • Central DX'ers Radio Club - Central DX'ers radio club web site
    • Echo Alpha Int. DX Group - Radio group with members all over the world.The group offers free membership including use of the groups PO Box and quality QSL cards.
    • Alfa Lima - Skanidavian CB Club and CB forum
    • Orient Pirate Radio Group - The Orient Pirate Radio Group was founded in Belgium 1981, we organize meetings, contests and Radio Nets on 11 Metres
    • Omega Group - Official web site
    • Alfa Golf 2 Division - 2 Division Alfa Golf DX Group
    • Maik Uniform France - New French MU website with many DX News , Logs , Softwares and more.
    • Fox-Radio - Mills activations, directory, pictures of FR members and many DX infos
    • Whiskey Whsikey DX Group - WW DX group home page with message boards and members informations
    • International Communication Friends - Official website of the ICF group
    • Delta Radio France - The site of the Delta Radio Frace team
    • Florida Radio International - FRI Official web site
    • Whisky Delta - WD Radio Dx Group
    • Maik Uniform DX Group - The official site of the Maik Uniform Head Quarter.
    • ASA - ASA international DX-group! Enjoy the pages!
    • MC International DX Radio Group - Official web site
    • World Amateurs Club - WAC dx club based in Holland
    • Echo-Echo DX Group - The ECHO-ECHO group is an International Radio Club of 11 meter operators. The Group was founded on spring 1989 in Warszawa, the capital of Poland, to study propagation and to promote friendly and brotherly relations among radio operators in the world.
    • CB radio club Rijeka - DX radio club from Rijeka-Croatia official web site
    • Charlie Michael - Official web site
    • Lima Delta Germany - Official web site LD Germany
    • Kilo Lima Radio Club - KL official web site
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