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    • livecbradio.com - TALK and listen live on a CB radio base station linked to the Internet.
    • The Ultimate Guide to 11 Meter CB Antennas - This site is dedicated to bringing true information about the different types of antennas you can use, buy and build for Citizen Band Radio and 11 Meter DXing.
    • Radio & Communications - Info about many aspects of Radio & Communications. Antennas, signals, frequencies, codes, swr, scanning etc.
    • 27 Mhz CB radio information - Here you can get the information when you are a starter or if you just do not know to much of Cb radio
    • Power House's CB Page - A little information about me and my equipment, loads of useful links to just about everything CB radio related. Features a tune-up section for just about every PLL controled radio out there. Drop by, you won't be disapointed!
    • CBMW - Radio Waves, FCC Rules, channel frequencies, phonetic alphabets, ten codes and more
    • VHQ07 UHF CB Repeater - Listen to live audio by VHQ07 Channel 7 UHF CB Repeater located in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
    • Bigyun2000's Communications pages - Radio related site including, ham, swl, cb, 11mtrs, scanners, aviation, frequencies, free software, downloads, decoding, space etc.
    • X-Bones Antennas - 10 and 11 meter mobile DX and keydown antennas, radio and amp mods, pics, links, and much more.
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    • World Wide Field Day Contest - We are proud to present you for the one and only World Wide Field Day Contest on 11-Meter. The Contest is for all
      [ Hits: 896 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 5.45 ]
    • X-Bones Antennas Priority listing - 10 and 11 meter mobile DX and keydown antennas, radio and amp mods, pics, links, and much more.
      [ Hits: 4540 | Votes: 122 | Rating: 8.64 ]
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