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      • Moonraker - Moonraker has been established since 1978. We are manufacturers of radio communication antennas and associated products.
      • Hy Gain - HF UHF/VHFAntennas, dipoles, accessories and rotators
      • Ameritron - Manufacturer of amplifiers, antenna switches antenna Tuners, wattmeters and relay buffers, amplifier accessories, antennas and tubes and parts
      • Spiderbeam antennas - High Performance Lightweight Antennas. The spider beam is a full size lightweight tribander yagi for 20/15/10m, made from fiberglass and wire. It has been specially developed as a highly efficient antenna for dx-pedition and portable use.
      • Diamond Antenna - Base station and repeater antennas, mobile antennas, ,multi-band HF antennas , handheld transceivers, receiving and scanner antennas, power meters, swr meters, power supplies, coaxial switches
      • Force 12 - Force 12 HF and VHF antennas, aluminim towers and masts for ham radio now owned by TexasAntennas.com
      • Antennas & More - Radio Amateur Antennas, Solar power, Antennas West products, Ham Radio gear, G5RV, Windom, Baluns, Wire, and Coax
      • Cushcraft - Cushcraft Amateur Radio and commercial antennas HF and VHF vertical and yagi antennas owned by MFJ.
      • Mosley Electronics - Wide variety of multi-frequency Yagis, Verticals, and Dipoles as well as other single and multi-frequency configurations to meet specific requirements.
      • Comet Antennas - NGC is now distributor for COMET and MALDOL brand antenna products designed, manufactured in Japan. Distributor of DAIWA brand RF SWR/power meters and switching power supplies, antennas, test equipment, antenna analyzers and more
      • Titanex - Low weight Titanium Verticals, Log-Periodics, Yagi antennas, Quads, towers and antenna accessories by Titanex
      • WIMO - All kinds of antennas, RF connectors, radio transceivers and accessories like power supplies, morse keys, lowpass filters and so on.
      • ZX-YAGI Antennas - Fine HF beams for Ham Radio and CB made in Germany
      • CUBEX - Quad Antennas by CUBEX, Cubex currently offers Cubical Quad antennas for 2 meters through 40 meters.
      • PKW Antennas - PKW Antennas for ham radio bands, Quads, delta loops, log periodics antennas for military and professional use by Ditta Martelli fabbrica italiana antenne
      • High Sierra Antennas - HF and VHF antennas for cars, trucks, homes, trailers and recreational vehicles
      • EH Antenna Systems - Provide information relative to a new antenna concept. AM Broadcast antennas and amateur radio prototypes
      • MaCo Antennas - Maco Manufacturing, HF Antennas, gamma matches, cable assemblies, power supply, swr meters, watt meters
      • Larsen Antenna - Complete selection of portable, mobile and base station antennas in frequencies from 27 MHz to 5.8 GHz. Radiall/Larsen also has a strong presence in custom OEM development. Radiall/Larsen Antenna Technologies is a subsidiary of Radiall.
      • Delta X-Ray Antennas - Antenna Manufacturer HF Delta Loops and VHF/UHF Ground Planes
      • The WireMan - Your source for coax, connectors, wire, baluns, and other certified quality wireman products.
      • Vectronics - Antennas, Filters, accessories, wattmeters, tuners and amplifiers.
      • Rybakov antenna by IV3SBE - Multiband no traps vertical antenna 80-6M
      • M2 Antennas - 80m to 23cm beam antennas, oscar antennas, and antenna rotors
      • C3I Antennas - The finest in VHF/UHF antennas for Amateur and Commercial Applications. Antennas and Repeater Controller Accessories includes Rutland Arrays.
      • Mobat Communications - HF-SSB radio products Accessories, Amplifiers and Antennas tuners. Established in 1995 as a joint venture between Motorola's Land Mobile Product Sector and Bartal Electronic Enclosures Ltd.
      • GB Antennas and towers - HF VHF/UHF yagi and quad antennas, towers and headphones manufactured in holland
      • Bencher Antennas - HF Vertical and Beam Antennas, antennas accessories by Butternut
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      • WIMO - All kinds of antennas, RF connectors, radio transceivers and accessories like power supplies, morse keys, lowpass filters and so on.
        [ Hits: 15428 | Votes: 26 | Rating: 6.88 ]
      • WiNRADiO Communications - WiNRADiO Communications manufacture radio communications equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our customers include professional communications radio users in government, military, security, surveillance, spectrum monitoring organizations, telecommunications, industry, as well as radio and computer enthusiasts.
        [ Hits: 2765 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 10.00 ]
      • WL1030 Wideband Magnetic Loop - Wideband receiving loop for VLF LF HF 10 kHz - 30 MHz
        [ Hits: 4258 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 6.33 ]
      • ZeroFive Antennas - Vertical antennas for all HF bands, expecially 80 40 20 meters bands
        [ Hits: 6136 | Votes: 39 | Rating: 9.45 ]
      • ZX-YAGI Antennas - Fine HF beams for Ham Radio and CB made in Germany
        [ Hits: 14354 | Votes: 98 | Rating: 5.61 ]
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