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Solar Cycle, status and progression

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Home : Propagation : Solar Cycle

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  • F5LEN Solar Activity forecast - Display solar activity forecast for next 27 days, display A-index, Sunspot Numbers and Flux forecast including graphs for solar activity and geomagnetic forecast. All forecasts are updated daily.
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  • NOAA Solar Cycle Progression - The charts on this page depict the progression of the Solar Cycle. The charts and tables are updated by the Space Weather Prediction Center monthly using the latest ISES predictions
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  • Solar cycles 21, 22, 23 and 24 - Graphics representing solar cycles 21-24. This graphs show solar activity since 1976
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  • Solar Cycles and Earth's climate - The past and future of the Sun's solar cycle and possible impact on the Earth's climate.
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  • Solar Ham - SolarHam is a website all about the Sun and how it affects Earth. This site is routinely updated with breaking news, sometimes hours before other Space News websites. You can trust for the most up to date and accurate solar information on the net
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  • SpaceWeatherLive Solar Activity - Real-time solar activity page at display sunspot regions, indicating sunspot numbers of with manitude class, Solar Flares and a list of daily events on the sun.
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  • Sunspot Cycles and Human History - An article edited and published by Michael Mandeville on correlation of sunspot peaks and global events, like recessions or human conflicts. This document include solar cycle charts since Solar Cycle 1749-1751
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  • Understanding Solar Indices - Comprehensive guide to understanding of solar indices, reading this article you will allow a better understanding and interpretation of propagation forecast bulletins and propagation reports
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