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    • VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna Design - Design your vhf yagi antenna online, a JavaScript enhanced web page that implements the design of an antenna in the VHF, UHF by K7MEM
    • Antenna Maker - Antenna design program for Quads, Yagis, Inverted Vees, J-poles, Trap Dipoles and more.
    • Quad calculator - Cubical quad antenna calculator in java script
    • J Pole calculator - Enter the operating frequency and calculate dimensions of your jpole antenna
    • NEC-Win Pro - Antenna Analysis software with the user in mind.
    • 4NEC2 antenna modeler - 4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and/or compare near/far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler. Can be interfaced to HFwin32 propagation prediction software.
    • EZNEC Antenna analysis - NEC-2 based antenna analysis software for the amateur and professional
    • Bazooka Calculator - Calculate Double bazooka for Win3/Win95 by W4BEJ
    • Antenna Software at QRZ.com - Large collection of radio related software at QRZ.com web site.
    • Yagi Designer - Program that produces antenna radiation patterns and graphs for SWR, forward gain, and F/B ratios
    • J-pole Design Prg - J-pole Design Program V1.1 by WA2ISE
    • EM Scientific MININEC - MININEC for Windows is antenna modeling tool for the novice, student and hobbyist.
    • EH Antenna calculator - Calculate eh antenna components dimension with this online form
    • HamCalc v1.3 - By G4VWL, HamCalc is collection of calculators for radio amateurs: Antenna ERP calculations. Attenuators. Audio Filter design.Coil Winding. Decibels. Great Circles map and calculator HF Filters HF Traps Metric conversions OP Amps QRA Locator to Latitude/Longitude (and back) Radio Horizon calculator Resonance Satellite orbit calculator Timer calculations (555 timer)Zener Diode calculations
    • Design and build helix antennas - An on-line javascript calculator and quite a few pictures to show how to make a helix antenna.
    • Quickyagi - This is the place for downloading the latest DOS version of Quickyagi the freeware yagi modeling program with auto-design & optimize.
    • Discone Antenna Design - Discone antenna deisgn program by K5DKZ
    • ASAP - A Free general purpose antenna analysis user-oriented software program for numerical electromagnetic antenna design, antenna modeling and antenna analysis.
    • Magnetic Loop Designer - Magnetic Loop Antenna Design software by DK1NB
    • Ve3sqb Antenna Programs - Programs for common antennas and some experimental, includes, dipoles, quad, Yagi, verticals, discone, jpole skyhoppers and parabolic antennas
    • YagiCAD - A freeware software package for Yagi design. This webpage also contains many sample and standard antenna downloads for experimentation.
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    • Yagi-Uda Array Calculator - Spreadsheet for the calculation of Yagi-Uda Array of Circular Loops. The website is in french, but the spreadsheet is both in English and French.
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    • YagiCAD - A freeware software package for Yagi design. This webpage also contains many sample and standard antenna downloads for experimentation.
      [Hits: 8697 | Votes: 11 | Rate: 7.82]
    • YagiMax 311 - A freeware dos antenna design program, dedicated to yagi antenna design by K4VX
      [Hits: 2342 | Votes: 33 | Rate: 4.84]
    • Zplots - Excel application that allows you to plot impedance and related data obtained from a variety of sources. You can plot on both an XY chart and a Smith chart as well as view the data in tabular format by AC6LA
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