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    • Easy Morse Code Keyer Circuit - based on the famous Curtis family of morse keyer chips and has a proven record of dependability.
    • Simple Electronic Keyer - A simple keyer which can be built for as little as $6 with some junk box parts. Although this circuit is not a true iambic keyer, it is capable of producing perfectly sounding CW.
    • Made your Iambic keyer - This iambic keyer uses a PIC16C84 or PIC16F84 microcontroller to generate the dot/dash timing and key the transmitter.
    • CW keyer - The PIC-MORSE is an electronic iambic keyer, integrating a generator of Morse code and a sidetone. It is built with a microcontroller PIC16C711. In French
    • G4AXX Voice keyer Interface - This voice-keyer-interface connects between a Yaesu FT1000MP and a PC's sound card & COM port. It can be used as a voice-keyer with Contest Voice Blaster and as a voice-keyer and CW-keyer with Writelog.
    • CW PIC keyer - CW keyer with microprocessor PIC16F628A
    • Simple CW keyer - OH7SV ultimatic type keyer with Dit priority
    • External Keypad for FT-817 - An external keypad for FT-817(ND), for the serious portable/field-day contester/operator. Homebrew it with the free firmware and public circuit diagram. The circuit is very simple and takes power supply from the ACC port of the radio
    • A Simple CW Keying Interface - Functional, easy, and cheap, all good Ham Radio characteristics by Terry Fletcher, WA0ITP
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    • ZL2PD CMOS Keyer - Two cheap CMOS ICs and a few transistors was all that was required to rebuild an elderly TTL automatic morse keyer into a low current lightweight battery powered iambic morse keyer.
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