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Software defined radios, radio whose channel modulation waveforms are defined in software

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      • DSP-10 2-meter DSP transceiver - The DSP-10 is an amateur-radio, software-defined 2-meter transceiver that can be built at home. It operates not only on SSB, FM and CW, but also on four Weak-Signal modes. Features are tailored to operation on VHF, UHF and Microwave frequencies. By W7PUA
      • SDR - Software Defined Radio Projects - An updated and classified collection of SDR projects and realizations
      • High Performance Software Defined Radio - The HPSDR is an open source, GNU type, hardware and software project intended as a "next generation" Software Defined Radio (SDR) for use by Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners
      • The Software Radio - Software Radio resources, research projects and labs worldwide
      • Amsat DSP Satellite Transceiver Project - The DSP Satellite Transceiver is a conceptual transceiver designed as a dedicated unit for amateur satellite operators. The initial concept was brought about by the lack of satellite functionality on modern amateur radio transceivers, and the specialized requirements of the ham radio operator who utilizes OSCAR amateur satellites.
      • High Performance Software Defined Radio - The HPSDR is an open source hardware and software project intended as a next generation Software Defined Radio for use by Radio Amateurs
      • ARRLWeb: Software Defined Radio - ARRL page on SDR technology
      • OH2NLT Experimental Digital HF Receiver - SDR project based on a TI AFREDI8201 chipset with both ADC and DDC functions. This SDR needs no external PC and is a RX only.
      • GnuRadio: Universal Software Radio Peripheral - The UniversalSoftwareRadioPeripheral (USRP) is a low-cost, high speed implementation of GnuRadioHardware, developed by a team led by MattEttus
      • SDR - Software Defined Radio - Forum - SDR Forum - organization dedicated to promoting the development, deployment and use of software defined radio technologies for advanced wireless systems.
      • LY1GP software defined radios - TinySDR for 80m band and ZetaSDR for 40m band
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      • Software Defined Radio, SDR, Tutorial - A nice tutorial and the basics of the software defined radio, SDR, and links of software defined radios to JTRS, and general SDR receiver technology.
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      • Software-defined radio by Wikipedia - According to wikipedia a software-defined radio is a radio communication system which uses software for modulation/demodulation of signals
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      • The SDR / DSP Starter Page - General introduction about SDR, includes links to many SDR white papers.
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      • Tools4SDR : SDR Collaborative website - Home page of Tools4SDR. Tools4SDR is a collaborative website about software defined radio (SDR), the universal software radio peripheral (USRP), opportunist radio, cognitive radio, software toolboxes for research and teaching in digital communications.
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      • WA4DSY 56KB RF Modem - This is a prototype of the WA4DSY 56KB RF modem. It is intended for use on amateur packet radio networks. The modem generates RF in the 28 to 30 mhz range and requires and linear transverter to convert the signal to a UHF or microwave ham band
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      • Wavefront CompactPCI (CPCI) RF converter - The Wavefront CompactPCI (CPCI) RF converter provides a complete half-duplex radio front-end in an industry-standard 6U format. The architecture consists of dedicated receive and transmit channels that share a common RF interface.
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      • WB5RVZ Genesis Radio G40 - WB5RVZ Genesis radio G40 build experience
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      • Weak Signal - Linrad and SDR-IQ - Linrad and SDR-IQ Software Defined Receiver on Shortwave
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      • WSVU_SDR – New SDR for the VHF/UHF - Brand new SDR transceiver with the working title Weak Signal VHF and UHF SDR - WSVU_SDR by G0RUZ and CT1DMK
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      • YU1LM SDR Radio - Software Defined Radio Projects, HF Receivers and Transceivers projects by YU1LM/QRP
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