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Manufacturers : Software Defined Radio
  • SoftRock-40 - The SoftRock-40 is a small, low-cost, good-performing "software defined radio" receiver that plugs into a computer USB port and delivers I-Q audio signals to the computer's sound card. It was designed by Tony Parks, KB9YIG and Bill Tracey, KD5TFD as an "SDR sampler project" for hams everywhere to easily try out software defined radio.
    [ Hits: 7732 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 7.00 ]
  • Cross Country Wireless SDR Receiver - SDR Receiver a compact high performance HF software defined radio receiver designed to be used in fixed or portable stations. Version 2 of the receiver is now available. It now has an RF pre-amplifier using a power MOSFET and other revisions to improve it's performance both as a stand alone receiver and as an IF panadaptor with HF and VHF transceivers.
    [ Hits: 2368 | Votes: 39 | Rating: 8.47 ]
Software : Antenna analysis
  • YagiCAD  updated - A freeware software package for Yagi design. This webpage also contains many sample and standard antenna downloads for experimentation.
    [ Hits: 9418 | Votes: 16 | Rating: 6.94 ]
Software : Circuit Design
  • Finite difference program - This software is able to calculate the properties of odd shaped transmission lines. Particularly good in valve amplifier design, for aiding the design of transmission line resonators.
    [ Hits: 762 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 7.00 ]
Software : Filter Design
  • AktivFilter - Active filter design software for windows, AktivFilter 3 for the design of active filters tuned on the opamp type.
    [ Hits: 1423 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 7.57 ]
Software : Utilities
  • Class E - This program simplifies the design of the single-ended Class E amplifier. Operation is intuitive and encourages "tuning" and exploration.
    [ Hits: 653 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 6.00 ]
Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference : Noise Reduction
  • QRM and noise reduction Priority listing - You will find on these pages my experiences and results on antennas and local/non-local QRM/noise reduction. Using a broadband vertical active magnetic loop and a home made / designed broadband amplifier. Two vertical magnetic Alford loops are used in an array. Analog and Digital Signal Processing and a dual phase coherent Software Defined Radio (SDR) are used. By PA0SIM
    [ Hits: 4118 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 8.20 ]
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