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Band:25-28 Mhz
Power: 10W AM/FM - 21W SSB

Channel selector,240 channelsm, 25.615-28.305 Mhz, Volume with power ON/OFF control, Squelch, Channel indicator,S/RF- meter, Jack for external S/RF meter and external speaker, MIC gain, RF gain, +10 KHz frequency shift switch, NB/ANL switch, Roger beep switch, Clarifier (fine/coarse), Band selector, TX/RX LED indicator

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Avg. Customer Rating: 4.0 based on 3 reviews
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Total Rating : 4.0 / 5 4.0 - Reviews: 3

4.0 Old faithfully radio
Review 61 by : 1SR104, Stephen, Pisa Italy 7-Sep-2002
I've had president jackson since ever I should say, since 1989, and it worked well for over 13 years... I recommend this radio to mobile DXers as well as to home based operators.
Time owned: Over two years - Price: 200 USD in 1989

4.0 Nice radio after all
Review 62 by : 16 ER 144, Mark, 9-Sep-2002
After all is a great radio, I have used it during past cycle for dxing. Moreover in Belgium is a very popular radio
Pros: Cheap, portable
Cons: low power
Time owned: Over two years

4.0 Flawed Diamond
Review 72 by : Gerry, 5-Feb-2003
What were the engineers thinking when they designed the President Jackson? They spoiled the ultimate tranceiver by omitting high level A.M. and poor A.G.C. timing. In every other area it gives solid performance although the I.F. selectivity needs improving and can be done by custom made filters, although installation at the 10.695 I.F. may cause problems with the noise blanker operation. The rig is very modifiable, 5Khz step and frequency expansion easily done but requiring realignment. The A.G.C. may be backward modified to the proper timing constants for strong signal performance.
Pros: Reliability
Cons: Low level A.M.and A.G.C.
Time owned: Over two years - Price: 175 GBP New

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