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  RANGER 2950
  Product page, ratings and reviews for RANGER 2950 Last Update: 4-Jul-2012   
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RANGER 2950   - Write a review !

Band:24 / 28 - 29.699
Power: 4-8-25W

Frequency selector, RF power/gain control, mic gain, squelch control, clarifier control, mode switch, NB/ANL switch, roger beep, split program for repeater access and contesting, built-in SWR meter, programmable scan, 10 programmable memories, lock switch and up/down selector on the microphone. Rated at 8W AM/FM, 12W CW, 25W pep SSB. Frequency range 28.000-29.699 MHz. New DX version covers 12 and 10 metres!

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Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 based on 2 reviews
Breakdown of Ratings by Value
5.0 1 1 votes (50%)
4.0 1 1 votes (50%)
3.0 0 0 votes (0%)
2.0 0 0 votes (0%)
1.0 0 0 votes (0%)

Total Rating : 4.5 / 5 5.0 - Reviews: 2

5.0 The Best RX i've ever had
Review 74 by : natas57, 3-Apr-2003
I own a Ranger 2970 (with the built-in amp) since 1998, after having trouble with transmitted audio due to the PA,It works really nice. I compared it with : ss3900,P.Jackson,P.George,Ts570 - same ant manually switched to avoid losses in a selector - The result is that with the Ranger I can copy the stations I can't even hear with other rigs, even the TS-570 has been beaten , the ranger picks up less backgrund noise. So, now you know... it can be a very deceiving rig because you need a more power to work all the DX you can hear ! I would really like to test the new"DX" wersions (2950DX)
Pros: excellent RX
Cons: TX could be clearer and more powerful
Time owned: Over two years - Price: 300

4.0 ranger dx 2950
Review 117 by : 29 india whiskey 66, Brendan, Dublin Ireland 23-Apr-2007
I own a dx 2950 and I kinda like it. It took some time to pair it with my Zetagi 400 watt burner but with lowering the tx pwr and mic gain I got there.My big true gripe is the background noise on ssb. NB and ANL buttons are not effective and it sounds like FM. I can barely use the set when in the city and often revert back to the much quieter Lincoln. Its the only thing that will make me stop using the ranger and I'm nearly at that point.
Pros: great tx and easy to use
Cons: ssb is like fm for noise. terrible rx
Time owned: Less than 3 months - Price: E255 new, a complete bargain

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