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  YAESU FT-847
  Product page, ratings and reviews for YAESU FT-847 Last Update: 4-Jul-2012   
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Image of YAESU FT-847

YAESU FT-847   - Write a review !

Band:10-160 m + WARC/6m/2m/70cm
Mode: All-Mode
Power: 100/100/50/50 W

Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC/ 50-54 / 144-146 / 430-440 MHz (also 4 meters in UK), RX: 0.1-30 / 36-76 / 108-174 / 420-512 MHz. 9K6 packet ready, Twin RX , RF Power output: 100/100/50/50 W (25/25/12.5/12.5 W AM), Voltage: 13.8 VDC, Current drain: RX: Max 2 A, TX: Max 22 A, Impedance: 50 ohms, Dimensions 260*86*270 mm, Weight: 7 Kg

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Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 based on 5 reviews
Breakdown of Ratings by Value
5.0 4 4 votes (80%)
4.0 1 1 votes (20%)
3.0 0 0 votes (0%)
2.0 0 0 votes (0%)
1.0 0 0 votes (0%)

Total Rating : 4.8 / 5 5.0 - Reviews: 5

5.0 Great Radio....get the software for CAT and Cable
Review 77 by : KC8WMD, Dan Kummer, Troy, MI 21-Jun-2003
I have owned this radio about a month. It covers all the bands in excellent fashion. The short instruction cheat card is helpful and can be found on EBAY.....explains all funtions on 2 pages. The instruction book is comprehensive although it takes time to digest it all. Performance on transmit and receive are excellent. YOu have to get the CAT cable and software to enjoy the radio to its fullest through computer control. I recommend the purchase if you want all the bands in one place.
Pros: Instruction book
Cons: smallness=complicated
Time owned: Less than 3 months - Price: 800.00 used

5.0 FT-847
Review 85 by : wa7ny, David, oregon 15-Jan-2004
i have owned this radio for a year now and its wonderful on all bands 440 2 meter and the hf bands. i do alot of CW on 20 meters and i find when i kick in the dsp working a cw op. it cuts down qrm alot. so i say get this one if your ready for all bands its a bueat!!!!!!
Pros: wonderful rig on all bands
Cons: no vox, would have been nice
Time owned: Over one year

5.0 FT-847
Review 86 by : KC0OFZ, Arend, 18-Jan-2004
This rig is a super radio to use. When interfaced with a good CAT program it is top of the line. From 160 meters to the satellites this radio will do it all. I recommend the SuperControl CAT software strongly as it really works well with the rig. I had done the research before buying and was under the recommendation of a fellow ham who is pleased with his as well. I would recommend this rig to any one looking for a great all in one package. For the money I cant see where this radio can be beat. If you get the chance to snag one get it, you won't regret it
Pros: Great rig, works like a charm
Cons: No SWR meter on radio
Time owned: Less than 3 months - Price: 950 Used from Burghardt Amateur Center

5.0 Best Radio Ever Have
Review 115 by : 9M2/V8BDI, Dr Kamil Fikri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 27-Feb-2007
I have 4 Multimode Radio's and Yaesu 847 is one of the best performance radio I ever have. Coupling with CAT Software, it is so powerful, easy to use and thus far have no problem waht so ever. I bring this radio where ever I go for DXing, Rescue and Emergency field operation and It never failed me once.
Pros: Superb
Cons: Non
Time owned: Over two years - Price: Ringgit Malaysia 5,500

4.0 FT-847
Review 113 by : SV1UT, Bill Padelis, Athens, Greece 14-Apr-2006
I have this Radio for more than 3 years now and I still like it. I am a fan of YAESU anyway but this is a small and without any problems Radio.
Pros: Perfect Radio, without problems, working for long
Cons: No VOX !!!, Not like CLAR style
Time owned: Over two years

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