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  ICOM IC-R9000L
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Band: 0.1-1999.8 MHz
Mode: All-mode
Voltage: Mains
Impedance: 50 ohms
Dimensions (W*H*D): 424*150*365 mm
Weight: 20 Kg
Manufactured: 199x-20xx
Other: color LCD instead. 1000 memories

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5.0 Perfection & Beauty!
Review 81 by : N6PEQ, Dan Dankert, Tustin, California USA 9-Nov-2003
The Icom IC-R9000L professional grade receiver is in a league by itself. Having used almost every other receiver on the market over the years, I can easily say that this is the best receiver that I have ever had the privilege to use. The receive audio is TV quality. What a beautiful sound! The full color LCD monitor has very good clarity when receiving TV signals. The unit is easy to navigate. Nothing is over complicated as in some of the newer receivers on the market. The owners manual is simple and to the point. The sensitivity of the receiver is outstanding! I am very impressed.
Pros: Outstanding receiver, easy to use, beautiful display
Cons: Price
Time owned: Less than 3 months - Price: $6700 Used (US$)

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