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  ICOM IC-746
  Product page, ratings and reviews for ICOM IC-746 Last Update: 4-Jul-2012   
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ICOM IC-746   - Write a review !

Band:10-160 m + WARC/6 m/2 m
Mode: All-Mode
Power: 100 W

Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC/50-54/144-146 MHz, All-mode, RF Power output: 100 W all bands, Voltage: 13.8 VDC, Impedance: 50 ohms. Standard DSP functions, Large multi-function LCD

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Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 based on 2 reviews
Breakdown of Ratings by Value
5.0 1 1 votes (50%)
4.0 1 1 votes (50%)
3.0 0 0 votes (0%)
2.0 0 0 votes (0%)
1.0 0 0 votes (0%)

Total Rating : 4.5 / 5 5.0 - Reviews: 2

5.0 Plays like the big boys
Review 128 by : N3CR, LarryG, Lehighton, Pa 21-Feb-2009
I have had this radio for 2 yrs. I have operated many radios and this one plays like the big boys for much less money. I use it on all modes on all bands. The adjustable digital filters work great like the big rigs. Sounds great on the air. Looking to buy another or maybe IC-706 (for dedicated 432 and 6m use). Never had a problem and it is the primary rig for contests. Seldom gets warm during contests and used with well matched antennas. Replaced an old Kenwood TS-520 which worked well on sstv and rtty using tube finals. I recommend this radio.
Pros: Easy to operate, Great filters
Cons: not familiar with the afsk operating part of it
Time owned: Over two years - Price: 1500us

4.0 Good radio
Review 71 by : KC7DPJ, Albert G. Pelfrey, Eugene, Or. USA 29-Jan-2003
This is one very good radio for my shack
Pros: Very easy to learn how to operate & fun to use.
Cons: NONE
Time owned: Less than 3 months

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