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Seven good ideas for amateur radio operators forced due to space restrictions, to operate on HF and VHF ham radio bands from apartments with heavy antenna limitations

5 Interesting Magnetic Loop Antenna Projects

The best Amateur radio maps and map services available on the internet

A selection of 9 easy to build J Pole antenna projects taken from the dxzone.com J Pole antenna resource page

A selection of 5 great Multiband Wire Antennas to find inspiration for your next homebrew projects.

Have a microphone and need connection ? List of the best resources for Mic Wiring Diagrams and modifications you need to bookmark.

A selection of the best amateur radio projects based on Arduino. Arduino automated antenna switch, CW Keyer, Automatic Antenna Tuner, RF PWR and SWR Meter, APRS Tracker, Beacon Controller, antenna switch, Rotator Controller, Arduino as an SDR.

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Antenna Analyzer with Graphic and Analog Displays, Frequency range: 1.8-500MHz

Free to download, double-sided world map showing the CQ DX Zones and the ITU Zones

A better way to install PL-259 Connectors

HF 2 KW RF Power Amplifier

Sophisticated Doppler Direction Finder with GPS

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