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Harry Lythall SM0VPO/G4VVJ homebrew web site, contains several projects, antenna notes and plans, receivers and transmitters plans, regularly updated.
url: http://www.sm0vpo.com

An interesting homebrew resource

Harry Lythall SM0VPO mantains this websites since 2001 and here collects and reviews his homebrew electronics and amateur radio related projects.

Many of his projects are illustrated with photographs and drawings, making esier for visitors to understand his plans. Most of the projects that Harry describes in his pages are fully designed, tested and tried by himself.

Many of his circuits are simple and basics, and can be build on the kitchen table as he loves to state in his introduction.

For an online support to his projects Harry has setup a message board where you can keep in touch with him and discuss about technical topics or problems you may have experienced on following his instructions.

Documetation and downloadable files are made available via external websites that Harry mantains, in order to save bandwidth for his website account.

Page design is very basic and functional, mainly frame based, typical of old established technical websites. Usability and search engines positioning could be easily improved.

For sure, and excellent example on how to share knowledge among amateur radio commumity by publishing own projects and supporting them with an interactive forum.

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