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Antennas : 160M Antennas : 17M
  • A multi-band super mini loop antenna - To build this antenna you need a lot that is at least 100 feet across. Antenna covers all bands 80-10 meters + 30, 17, 12 meter WARC Bands
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Antennas : Feed Lines
  • Setting the SWR of Your Antenna - SWR (standing wave ratio), is a measurement of how efficiently your antenna system will radiate the power available from your radio. In simple terms, your radio would like to radiate all of its power, but can only do so if the other components cooperate
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  • Feeding the Beast - Transferring Radio Frequency Energy from Your Transmitter to Your Antenna by Don Keith N4KC
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Antennas : Helical
  • QFH antenna for weather satellite band - This article describes how to make a quadrifilar helix (QFH) antenna easily, from inexpensive materials: uPVC plumbing pipe and RG-58U co-axial cable
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Antennas : Mobile
  • Antenna Tuning - Tuning mobile and base antennas, measuring SWR.
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Antennas : Moxon
  • Experiments with a Moxon Rectangle antenna - An easy to build moxon antenna for portable use. A Moxon Rectangle is a two element beam, where both elements are folded towards eachother.
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Antennas : Multiband
  • PAC-12 Antenna - mobile multiband - Heres an award-winning, easy-to-homebrew, multi-band portable vertical antenna designed by long-time antenna aficionado James Bennett, KA5DVS. Hes documented the design and construction plans for a portable antenna that can be built with relatively ordinary components
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Antennas : Portable
  • A two dollar helical hf portable antenna - Heres an easily transportable vertical antenna for 20 meters collapsible to 4 feet that costs about $2.00 to make. This was created as a fun project to demonstrate how to enjoy operating HF in the field with a home-made portable antenna without spending a ton of money. Bev AH6NF (YL) made this antenna, tuned and ready to operate in less than one hour
    [ Hits: 18813 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 7.30 ]
Antennas : Satellite
  • Handi-Tenna portable satellite antenna - Here is a high-performance hand-held beam antenna that is easy to build and guaranteed to improve your downlink from the LEO satellites over ANY rubber duck or mobile whip
    [ Hits: 11742 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 7.37 ]
Antennas : Theory
  • Antennas basics - An antenna study guide by NZART, cover basic topics like dipoles, wave lenght calculation, baluns, beams, dummy loads, and measurements.
    [ Hits: 23472 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 8.77 ]
  • A Modern Thermocouple Ammeter - Thermocouple ammeters are very rare these days, but the job they were perfect for - measuring antenna currents - is still a modern requirement especially in respect to groundplane currents. By David A. Reid PA3HBB G0BZF
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Antennas : VHF UHF Antennas : Vertical
  • IK-STIC 2 vertical multiband antenna - The IK-STIC 2 is a vertical, all band, antenna that is over 25 feet tall yet weighs under 5 pounds. Based on a telescopic pipe or a fiberglass fishing pole, using a tuner it can easily cover the amateur radio HF bands from 40 - 10 Meters
    [ Hits: 4508 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 5.17 ]
  • PAC-12 Vertical portable antenna - Build the PAC-12 Antenna a multi-band portable vertical designed by KA5DVS, heres an award-winning, easy-to-homebrew, multi-band portable vertical antenna designed by long-time antenna aficionado James Bennett, KA5DVS. Hes documented the design and construction plans for a portable antenna
    [ Hits: 10391 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 6.80 ]
Antennas : WiFi
  • Biquad Antenna Construction - This page details the construction of a biquad antenna. The biquad antenna is easy to build, and provides a reliable 11dBi gain, with a fairly wide beamwidth.
    [ Hits: 8884 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 7.57 ]
  • How to build a tin can waveguide antenna  pop - Looking for an inexpensive way to increase the range of your wireless network? A tin can waveguide antenna, or Cantenna, may be just the ticket. This design can be built for under $5 U.S. and reuses a food, juice, or other tin can.
    [ Hits: 36727 | Votes: 42 | Rating: 7.34 ]
Antennas : Wire
  • How to Put up a Portable Antenna - Putting up wire antennas is always a fun proposition. Sometimes it is fun for the participants and often fun for on-lookers. There are at least as many methods as there are folks putting up antennas.
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Manufacturers : Antenna Launcher
  • EZ Hang - The perfect tool when you want to put up a wire antenna easily, quickly and safely! EZ HANG can be used to "shoot" a line over a tree or other object over 100 feet high
    [ Hits: 2919 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 10.00 ]
Manufacturers : Digital and Packet Radio
  • SAT-Service Schneider - Digital radio mondiale DRM products, measuring tools, Magnetic field probes, RF power meters, Broadband loop antennas, DRM devices and services
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Manufacturers : Towers and Accessories
  • Telecom Product Profiles - Telecom Product Profiles is a manufacturers' rep firm specializing in factory direct Nello Towers, monopoles, antenna mounts, shelters, and more. Factory direct Cellular, PCS, and Wireless Broadband equipment such as antennas, radios, and more. Installation, financing, and leasing options available.
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Operating Modes : Mobile
  • KBG's ham radio mobile operator web site - This site is dedicated to mobile amateur radio operators, old and new alike. Whether you are into HF, or VHF operation, I trust the information presented will increase your enjoyment of our great hobby. With safety as a byword, there are articles on amplifiers, antennas, bonding, impedance matching, installing hardware, mobile equipment, noise and RFI abatement, wiring, and much more. I do my best to keep these articles up to date, and easy to follow.
    [ Hits: 4396 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 8.56 ]
Operating Modes : Stealth Amateur Radio
  • HF Antennas for restricted space - Arrl document about invisible antennas and indoor systems. It is important to consider that few compromise antennas are capable of delivering the performance one can expect from the full-size variety. But the patient and skillful operator can often do as well as some fellows who are equipped with high power and full-size antennas. The "cliff-dweller" may not be able to "bore a hole" in the band as often, and as easily, but DX can be worked successfully when band conditions are suitable.
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Shopping and Services : Regional : USA
  • Alabama radio - Eastern Alabama's dealer of amateur radios and antennas, CB radios and antennas, scanners, radar detectors, power supplies, and other related accessories.
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Technical Reference : Test Equipment
  • Rainbow Antenna Analyzer - A small and inexpensive measurement device designed to determine antenna performance across the amateur bands through use of automatically collected SWR readings
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