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Contesting : Software
  • Super-Duper Contest Logger - SD sets the standard for fast, simple logging and editing in the major international contests and in dozens of others worldwide. Runs on any PC.
    [ Hits: 2942 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 9.76 ]
  • CQ World Wide Contest Log - Windows shareware contest log program for the CQ WW contest. Offer a Network version capable to run over a lan in order to allow several pc to update a single shared contest log file.
    [ Hits: 469 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
DX Resources : Clusters DX Resources : Logs
  • Logbook of the World - LoTW - ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) system is a repository of log records submitted by users from around the world. When both participants in a QSO submit matching QSO records to LoTW, the result is a QSL that can be used for ARRL award credit.
    [ Hits: 983 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 6.33 ]
DX Resources : Logs Search Services
  • ARRL LoTW - Log of the World by ARRL let hams confirm two-way contacts they have made and use the confirmations as credit toward various awards.
    [ Hits: 235 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Ham Radio : Blogs : Canada
  • VA3QV's Weblog - My view on the world of AMATEUR RADIO- "Rambling on" so to speak
    [ Hits: 166 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Ham Radio : Blogs : Europe
  • 9a5BDD ham radio blog - Personal blog dedicated to the world of ham radio. Ivan Palcic, Novalja, island Pag, Croatia
    [ Hits: 240 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 5.50 ]
Ham Radio : Blogs : Europe : UK
  • M0KHZ’s Blog - Dedicated to the world of homebrew amature radio.
    [ Hits: 237 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
  • CQHQ - More than just a Ham Radio Blog – CQHQ is an informative, cynical and sometimes humorous look at what is happening in the world of amateur radio
    [ Hits: 122 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Ham Radio : Blogs : Special Interest
  • Fi-Ni Report - A satirical look at the world of ham radio DXing and contesting. Not for those without a sense of humor or irony
    [ Hits: 168 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Ham Radio : Blogs : USA
  • Bytes and hertz - A blog devoted to the hobby of Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). The radio amateurs of the world contribute to public service and emergency communications. This blog hopefully will reflect that fact!
    [ Hits: 199 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Internet and Radio : Directories
  • Ham Radio equipment Catalogs - Ham Radio equipment Catalogs with all the products of the worlds most famous Ham Radio manufacturers
    [ Hits: 513 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 7.75 ]
  • CB and Ham radio catalogs - CB Radio equipment Catalogs with all the products of the worlds most famous Ham Radio manufacturers
    [ Hits: 460 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 7.00 ]
Manufacturers : Amateur Radio Maps
  • RSGB Ham Maps - RSGB World Prefix Map - Radio Amateur's Map of the World
    [ Hits: 417 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Manufacturers : Receivers
  • Sangean - Sangean is the leading manufacturer of short wave and pocket radios around the world. Built with precision, quality and the highest technology
    [ Hits: 3592 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 9.15 ]
Operating Aids : Maps
  • Time Zone Map - Standard time zone map of the world in a jpeg file
    [ Hits: 1178 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 5.75 ]
Publications : Magazines
  • The Microwave Journal - Microwaves articles, The Technology Voice of the Wireless World , need registration to access
    [ Hits: 755 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00 ]
Publications : Manuals
  • CES Product Manuals - CES Wireless Technologies is a world leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of Wireless Signalling products - Including GPS, AVL, MDT's, Mobile Data Terminals, CTCSS, and Microphones
    [ Hits: 407 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Shortwave Radio : Broadcasters : Pirate Radio
  • The Radio Informer - The latest info on the world of radio including:world,shortwave,pirate,digital,mw,lw news,links.
    [ Hits: 610 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Software : Contesting
  • Super-Duper for Listeners - SDL is a dedicated contest logger for SWLs. It's good for all the major international contests and for dozens of others worldwide. SDL is fully working and unrestricted, and is distributed as freeware. It links to Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu radios to follow band and mode changes.
    [ Hits: 1227 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 7.00 ]
  • Contest Log Converter - Contest Log Converter it's a Windows program that allow to convert data file between the most used Contest Log. The program allow you to convert 12 different type of contest, selected from the common contest managed from the Contest Log program. The follow program ,CT by K1EA, TR by N6TR and NA by K8CC are full supported with the conversion of the most famous world contests.
    [ Hits: 4493 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 6.00 ]
Software : Databases
  • Frequency Filer - Frequency Filer is database program designed for people who use a great many different radio frequencies. It is primarily intended for amateur radio operators, short-wave listening enthusiasts and scanner users. The program makes it easy to keep all of your important frequency information in one place, displayed in a logical format to facilitate easy retrieval. Frequency information can be displayed as a list and can be viewed on a world globe. Other features include easy data backup and custom field names. Included is database import utility that can be used as a general file conversion utility. The globe display can also be used as general geographic aid for countries, cities, states, rivers, and lakes. You may even find your home town. Windows Shareware
    [ Hits: 3680 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 6.50 ]
Software : Logging
  • LogWindows - Log X - Log-X formerly LogWindow is a Windows based software program designed for the specific use of Amateur Radio operators to keep a log of the contacts that were made with other radio operators around the world, designed to be used in Amateur Radio contests, Emergency situations, and for general record keeping of conversations. By SCO Inc
    [ Hits: 14474 | Votes: 15 | Rating: 5.77 ]
  • DXKeeper - DXKeeper is a free application that logs QSOs, tracks award status, generates QSL cards & labels, addresses envelopes, uploads QSOs to eQSL.cc and LotW, and downloads progress info from eQSL.cc and LotW. It can reference the RAC, Hamcall, and QRZ callbooks as well as the QRZ.com web site to fill in data when logging, or to update already-logged QSOs. DXKeeper automatically interoperates with all members of the freeware DXLab Suite, including Commander (transceiver control and bandspread for Alinco, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Icom, Kachina, Kenwood, TenTec, Yaesu), DXView (world map, rotator control), WinWarbler (PSK, RTTY, CW, Phone) and SpotCollector (DX and WWV spots). It also interoperates with MMTTY, MMVARI, MMSSTV, MultiPSK, MixW, DX Atlas, and Ham Radio Deluxe.
    [ Hits: 15996 | Votes: 435 | Rating: 8.50 ]
Software : iPhone
  • FreqLoader: iPhone companion for the mobile ham - FreqLoader is the perfect iPhone/iPod Touch companion for amateur radio operators, monitoring enthusiasts, shortwave listeners and anyone with an interest in the air waves. Whether you're an active licensed ham or an avid scanner listener, FreqLoader will allow you to find what you're looking for, keep track of your stations, maintain complete logs and share your finds with friends, groups and the world.
    [ Hits: 5021 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 6.57 ]
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