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Manufacturers : Electronic Components
  • Communication Coil - Communication Coil, Inc. designs and produces custom, high reliability Filter Networks, RF Coils, Chokes, Inductors, Baluns, Toroids and Power Magnetics for communications
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Shopping and Services : Electronics
  • Kits and Parts dot Com - Supplying Toroids, Electronic Parts and Kits to Engineers, Schools and Hobbyists. Capacitos, filters, inductors, qrp products
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Software : Circuit Design
  • Coil32 Priority listing - Coil32 is a free coil inductance calculator, that allows to calculate: single layer and multi layer air core coils, toroidal air core coils, inductors on ferrite rings, in pot core, flat coils on the PCB, and also LC resonance parameters. The program have additional plugins to calculate another kinds of coils. The application is free for usage and distributing.
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Technical Reference : Components : Toroids
  • Choosing Wire Size for Toroidal Inductors - Measurements that show it doesn't make much difference
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  • Inductor Design Software - RF toroid - A free too designed to assist in the selection of iron and alloy powder cores. RF toroid calculate the location of the Self resonate frequencies for series and shunt inductors.
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • Toroid Pro - Designed by microwave engineers to provide filter, radio,microwave and Ham radio engineers with all relevant information of an inductor and core at his or her finger tips
    [ Hits: 5789 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 3.82 ]
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