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Finding Shortwave Broadcasts Schedules

Shortwave broacast schedule

Finding Shortwave Broadcasts

Before the Internet era, the only way to know which station was transmitting on a particular frequency or which stations were transmitting in a given language, was to buy the latest version of the “World Radio and TV handbook – The Directory of Global Broadcasting” that beside to receivers reviews, was providing a section dedicated to the “International radio”  with a full and comprehensive listing of SW broadcasters and clandestine radio stations.

Another efficient alternative to get informed was to join a Shortwave Radio Club. These clubs were offering to their members the possibility to receive latest listening reports and dx bulletins published by other club members.

Today, everything has changed and the internet panorama offer us several web sites that can help you to find broadcasting schedules with up-to-date information and powerful lookup and mapping capabilities.

On the other hand , the internet diffusion has also contributed to the dismission and decadence of many international broadcasting stations.

Today we can easily find many free online resources focused on  Shortwave Broadcasting Schedules, where you can can look up broadcast schedules by station, frequency or what is currently on the air.

Here a selection of web resources taken from our links category dedicated to Shortwave Schedules that can help you to find the frequencies and schedule of world-wide broadcasting stations currently transmitting on the HF bands.

Shortwave Schedules Online

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