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Best Links of the Week

Selection of weekly most popular links

Top amateur radio wbsites issue 1805

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1805

OZ1CX - Multiband vertical antenna no tuner LC matched, ZigZag Antenna - VHF/UHF unconventional antennas, Kenwood TS-590 by UT0FC, CW Morse Code Keys, SDRplay - SDRuno, WEB SDR - ROME, CustomQSL.com, RadioClub Odessa, Tuolumne County Amateur Radio Electronics Society Ham Radio Club - TCARES
Ham Radio Links, Trap, dipole,vertical antenna

Best links of the week 2 2016

Trap construction, Vertical Dipole Array, 1:49 Transformer, PSK Express , A Portable 75/40 Meter NVIS Antenna , N Type connectors over SO-239 at VHF/UHF, Multiband trap antennas, Yaesu FT-857 CAT Controller , SIM PSK 31, CQ machine

Best Links of the week 5 2016

20m 40m trapped squid pole antenna, End Fed Long Wire Antenna, Locating RF Interference at HF, 160m - 80m Transmit Vertical, Overview on some SOTA portable antennas, Getting Started with the FM Satellites, Swiss Quad Portabel, DH1PLY, JK Antennas, Making Antenna Insulators, Antenna Insulators for LF-MF

Best Links of the week 38 2105

Arduino Band decoder, S5 HF Band Plan, 80m XBM80-2 QRP CW RTX, SO2RDuino , XML Bandplan, Fox Telemetry Decoder, FTDX3000 Interface N1MM+, Ham Radio Activities,Yaesu VX-6 VX-7 R Reference Card

Best Links of the Week 21 2016

Remote Antenna Switching, Elecraft KX2 Brochure, Eliminate problems caused by RFI, Broadband hexbeam , 3 Element Delta Loop For 144 MHz, 4 Square K9AY Antenna, Repairing Rotators, Introduction to NBTV, The Tube Thing, Elecraft KX2,
Best Amateur Radio links of 2017

The Best Amateur Radio Links of 2017

A collection of the top 30 amateur radio links we reviewed and added to our links directory during the 2017

Best links of week 36 2016

W8JK Beam Antenna, Portable Vertical Antenna for 40 and 75, When and Where to Use Baluns, Log periodic 4 elements, 2.4 GHz Sky mini-dish Antenna, HF1 QRP Transceiver Project, 20 Meter Moxon Vertical, Review of the Icom IC-7300, Portable Amateur Radio Operations, Remotino - Remote Monitor,

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1801

Wire Antenna Calculator, GP antenna for 70 cm, ARLAN Communications, QrssPiG, Arduino Vector Graphic Antenna Analyser, The 40/30 Pyramid, 7 Element Yagi Calculator,

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1806

FreeDV plus Video, 2 Amateur Radio Morse code practice keys Android App, K7SU CW Straight Key, Amateurfunkgruppe des Computer Clubs Media 2000, Cobra Antenna - A folded dipole, Portable wire antennas, Guide to D-star, DMR, Fusion, TYT MD-2017 QST Review

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 177

Balun Construction, 50 MHz Coax Dipole, Coil-Shortened Dipole Antenna Calculator, F8AVO station radioamateur, RF Attenuator, Xggcomms Icom Yaesu CAT Interfaces, DG7YBN - GTV 70-11w, How to write a software SSTV modulator/demodulator, Capacitance Calculator, YU HAM-RADIO Call Book,



Latest Articles

WiMo acquires EAntenna

Germany’s largest provider of amateur radio products announces the acquisition of the spanish antenna manufacturer EAntenna.

Yaesu FTdx101MP and FTdx101D – Preliminary Information

Yaesu announce detailed information on new FTDX101MP 200W and FTDX101D 100W. The new FTDX101 Series will be presented at Tokyo HamFair 2018

Icom IC-DRC1 – New product

Icom Introduce the new IC-DRC1 IC-DRC 1 is a digital specified low-power transceiver for the Japanese domestic DCR (Digital Convenience Radio) System. Equiped with a...

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1807

HF Portable Ops Solar Powered, KD8CEC Amateur Radio Blog, Amateur Radio Weekly, Yagi Antenna for 23cm ATV reception, Probemaster, Foundations of Amateur Radio - Podcast - How to make a mains filter for EMC and noise reduction, How to straighten Microbore copper tube, TARPN Packet Radio Networking Home Page, Carry bag for KX3

IARU HF Championship 2018

July 14-15, 2018 - Objective: To contact as many other amateurs, especially IARU member society HQ stations, around the world as possible using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.