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Best Links of the Week

Selection of weekly most popular links

Best links of the week 46 2016

PL259 Surge Arrestor, Triband Receiving Loop for 160/80/40m, Printable Log sheet for SWL, 2m Halo Antenna, Amateur Radio Station Log Sheet in A4 Format, VHF Skeleton Slot Antenna, RF Power Meter, Keeping a Station Log Book, Amateur Radio Station Log Sheet in US Letter Format, Contest Log Sheet in A4 Format
Top Ham Radio Links

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1736

Testing Dipole vs Indoor Magnetic Loop Antenna, Morse Pilot - Learn morse code, A cool KW linear amplifier for 50 MHz, PilotMorse Morse Code Tutor for Aviation, VK9CZ Cocos Keeling Islands DXpedition, 3C1L Log, VK9CZ Log, Z-match ATU covering 160m - 10m, TYT MD-2017 Charger Mod, TYT MD-2017 Review, AutoEZ, KF7P Metalwerks, TYT Electronics
Best links of the week 13 2016

Best links of the week 13 2016

High Performance 40 Meters Vertical , 40m Magnetic Loop Antenna, Discone Antenna for RTL SDR, FT4JA Online Log, Multimode Interface, Secrets Of Getting a Vertical To Work, 40m Small Loop Antenna, The European HAMNET, Small Transmitting Loop Project, ICOM RS-BA1,

Best links of the week 39 2015

Best new links for week 39 2015

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 176

A loop antenna for 7 MHz to 30 MHz, Super Trombone Antenna, Using the Raspberry Pi as an RTL-SDR dongle Serve, GTV 50 - 3W Yagi Antenna, DG7YBN - GTV 70-2m, How to use Baofeng UV-B5 flash light switch for LCD background light, Transverter for 4 meters band, Linux Amateur Radio AX.25 HOWTO, Baofeng UV-B6 Handheld Radio Review, The No-Nonsense Extra Class License Study Guide,

Best links of the week

Best ham radio links for first week of the new year
Horizontal Loops

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1734

Horizontal Loop Antenna Experiments, Interfacing HAM radio, NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, Near vertical incidence skywave - wikipedia, 3C1L Equatorial Guinea - 3C0L Annobon DX Pedition, S21 Bangladesh IOTA DXPedition, Six Meter Quad Turnstile Antenna, YagiCAD, Sounds of Meteors, The Raspberry OscilloPhone, Indianapolis Police Scanner

Best links of the week 45 2016

The Cobra Antenna, Winding Inductors on Cantex 4 Inch PVC Tubing, Yet Another EFHW Matcher, Designing Vertical Aerials, CWQSO - Send and Receive on your PC, Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUF) for 3000km Radio Signal Paths, IC-7300 with Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24, Mod for Acom 1000 amplifier, LDG Z100 Autotuner, VHF UHF WebSdr in Johannesburg

Best links of the week 42 2016

Cheap Antenna Analyzer with Arduino, 20m Half-Wave End Fed, Signal Identification Guide, 80M Grounded Half Loop, CW Decoder Logic, Top 10 Reasons to Take Ham Radio Portable, Yaesu FT 817 vs 817 ND, End Connected Windom, Electrically Small Antennas 2016, Yaesu FT-817 Review

Best links of the week

RF Problems and the HF Vertical Antenna, The 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna, The EMCOMM Portable Station, 3 Elements Delta Loop 10m Band, The Box: Portable Emcomm Ideas, Morse Code abreviations, 4-Square antennas in theory and practice, 7 Element Yagi for 10m, Pharos - CW Beacon Keyer, A Coax dipole for 4 m



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Elecraft XV Transverters XV50 XV144 XV222 and XV432

Four state-of-the-art transverters are included in Elecraft's new XV Series: the XV50 (6 Meters), XV144 (2 Meters), XV222 (222 MHz) and XV432 (432 MHz). The transverters can be used with nearly any transceiver that covers the 28 to 30 MHz frequency range

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1806

FreeDV plus Video, 2 Amateur Radio Morse code practice keys Android App, K7SU CW Straight Key, Amateurfunkgruppe des Computer Clubs Media 2000, Cobra Antenna - A folded dipole, Portable wire antennas, Guide to D-star, DMR, Fusion, TYT MD-2017 QST Review

VisAir HF transceiver DDC/DUC 100W ATU

VisAir HF transceiver DDC/DUC 100W ATU made in Russia - HF DSP Transciever Standalone Digital Up Conversion and Digital Down Conversion.

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1805

OZ1CX - Multiband vertical antenna no tuner LC matched, ZigZag Antenna - VHF/UHF unconventional antennas, Kenwood TS-590 by UT0FC, CW Morse Code Keys, SDRplay - SDRuno, WEB SDR - ROME, CustomQSL.com, RadioClub Odessa, Tuolumne County Amateur Radio Electronics Society Ham Radio Club - TCARES

CQ WPX CW 2018 Contest

CQ WPX CW Contest May 26 - 27, 2018