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Best Links of the Week

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Best links of the past week

Best links of the week

Compact Multi-band Field Day Antenna, Six Meter Yagi Beam, How to put together an SO2R, CubicSDR, GNU Radio on Raspberry Pi 2, Hamnet on a Raspberry Pi, AIM 4170D Antenna Analyzer, Vector network analyzer comparisons, HA1AG SO2R Setup, Sporadic E Explained

Best new links of the week

Phonetic Alphabets of the World, VK3YY Antenna Analyser Project, Low Band DXing from a Small City Lot, Locator map of Europe, Yagi antenna and variations, Improving Surface Wave Antennas , Yaesu MH-31 microphone integrated voice keyer, External Audio Equalizers, Baltimore City Live Police Scanner, VU2NAN Crystal Radio

Best links of the week 47 2015

Guanella Current 4:1 Balun, K3LR method of installing a PL259, MagLoop 10-24 Mhz, Decoding West Germany Numbers, 432MHz Low Noise Preamp, Arduino Flex Controller, Locating Power Line Noise, A Remote Morse Key, 10 15 20m Open Sleeve Dipole, Yaesu FT-817 - Noise Blanker improvement,
Best links of the week 27 2016

Best links of the week 27 2016

3 band J-Pole Antenna, VHF 10 element Yagi, Three Element Collinear J Pole, Calculate safety distance from your antenna, Pedestrian Portable HF DXing, VHF UHF Jpole, Eliminate RFI from your Speaker, 2m Copper J Pole antenna Video, Home Brew J-Pole Antenna Project, A Look inside D-STAR Modulation

Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1715

1:1 HF Balun, The W3EDP Antenna, 4 to 1 Balun, 4:1 QRO Balun, Small Panel Kits, HamRadioEngineering.com, JT65-DX.com JT65-HF Japanese Edition, Recent, Sperimental Radio - International DX Group, Ham Call Lookup - Windows Phone

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1911

A Micro QRP Transceiver Project, A Short Course On Baluns , EFHW autotransformer comparison, MiniTioune receiver project, Building equipment for Quatar OSCAR 100, Amateur Radio Artworks by K4ICY, QO-100 Basic Information
Ham Radio Links, Trap, dipole,vertical antenna

Best links of the week 2 2016

Trap construction, Vertical Dipole Array, 1:49 Transformer, PSK Express , A Portable 75/40 Meter NVIS Antenna , N Type connectors over SO-239 at VHF/UHF, Multiband trap antennas, Yaesu FT-857 CAT Controller , SIM PSK 31, CQ machine

Best Links of the week

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Best links of the week 48 2016

4-BAND COLA ANTENNA 20-17-15-10m, Raspberry Packet Radio BBS, Phonetic Alphabet Tables, 2 meter Fox Hunter, 80m FETer QRPp CW transceiver, Improving the Super-J, The Lightweight Magnetic Loop, Never apply positive voltage to the rear-panel ALC jack, OZ9RH Web Site, Icom IC 7600

Best links of the week 45 2016

The Cobra Antenna, Winding Inductors on Cantex 4 Inch PVC Tubing, Yet Another EFHW Matcher, Designing Vertical Aerials, CWQSO - Send and Receive on your PC, Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUF) for 3000km Radio Signal Paths, IC-7300 with Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24, Mod for Acom 1000 amplifier, LDG Z100 Autotuner, VHF UHF WebSdr in Johannesburg

Latest Articles

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1915

rpitx Multimode TX for Raspberry Pi, About Microphones - Guide to microphone for Ham Radio, Receiving GOES-16 Images with an RTL-SDR, EME Dish Antenna Project, CW and Morse Code Telegraphy, Pass Recorder, Morse Runner on MacOS,

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1914

Icom 7610 vs Flex 6400M, IARU Region 3 Band Plan 2019, QIRX, Retevis RT95 - Anytone AT-778UV Review, NZ QRPers Group, APRS Online Passcode Generator,

FT4 Digital Mode – Video

K1JT introduces FT4 Digital Mode

FT4 – New Digital Mode Designed for Contesting

FT4 is a special-purpose mode designed for rapid-fire contest QSOs

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1913

QRP Link Dipole Antenna, Ham Radio EMCOMM Go Kit, Yaesu FT-8900r Review, All about coax cables, Resistor Color Code Calculator, Ameritron RCS-10 Review, 3Y0I Official Web Site, E6AF Log Online, E6AF Niue