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Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1938

Homebrew 5/8 Wave HF Vertical Antennas, Indoor QRP HF Loop Antenna, 9A5N Solid State CW Paddles, A Elecraft KX2 to Yaesu FT-818 Comparison , TX7T Log Online, The UHF Bicycle Antenna, The BikeLoop Antenna for VLF, SWR and Amateur Radio Antenna Tuners , TX7T Marquesas Islands DX Pedition, PJ5 St. Eustatius DXpedition by SP6IXF and SP6EQZ

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1937

Using a Baofeng handheld to work Satellites, A Compact 600W Broadband HF Power Amplifier, Antenna Tuner Basics - In search of the perfect antenna, Setting up Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio, Linux and Amateur Radio - Presentation, Build A Single-Sideband Transceiver From Scratch, PolEx Technologies, QRP Portable Station Winter Configuration, Using AM Broadcast Stations as 160m Beacons, W8S Swains DX Pedition 202

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1936

Linux and Amateur Radio - Presentation, Build A Single-Sideband Transceiver From Scratch, Hermes-Lite Low Cost HF SDR, PolEx Technologies, Using AM Broadcast Stations as 160m Beacons, Optimizing Ground Radials in End-Fed Antennas, Icom IC7300 Modifications by M0FOX, Wi-Fi Rotor Controller, Advanced Antenna Modeling Book by ON5AU

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1935

Speaker Wire Doublet Antenna, 160m portable vertical antenna, RV marine battery as power source, Decoding Numbers Stations - QST Article, CW Trainer - Arduino Project, Space weather impacts on Climate, Guide to DMR Code Plugs, Seiuchy On-line morse code trainer, World Wide Radio Operators Foundation, JTAlert

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1934

Amateur Radio - State of the Hobby - Survery, DL7AHW Spraycan EH Antennas, SDR Receiver using a Tube, KX3 GoBox 2012, dmrconfig - DMR Radio Programming Utility, WSQCall A Weak Signal QSO mode for LF/MF, MorseTeacher MorseMachine On-Line, CW QSO Trainer, UHF Radio Chat with your Raspberry Pi, FSQCall Fast Simple QSO

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1933

Antuino - Antenna Test Equipment, WA3TFS Projects, Circuit Boards and Kits for Amateur Radio , miniVNA PRO Modifications, The Cubical Quad is Beautiful, Daki Funkversand, Bergendorffs Radiomuseum, TE Systems 6 Meter Amplifier Review, A Collins 75A-4 Restoration, Quad Antenna On-line Calculator, Icchipword

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1932

Second floor grounding, Field Day Vertical Antenna by KN5L, Ground Systems as a Factor in Antenna Efficiency, IC-705 English Brochure, W9GF GAP TITAN DX Antenna Installation, Win4IcomSuite ICOM Radio Control Software, Challenger DX Antenna Review by NK7Z, Win4YaesuSuite - Yaesu Radio Control, Balun_cmr Calculate common-mode impedance, Online Helical Coil Calculator

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1931

The Easy Way Antenna Systems, End Fed Antenna with a 1:64 Matching Network, The MonoGap Antenna for 30m Reviewed, J-Pole Construction Drawings , How to Find Old Amateur Radio Call Signs, Fighting Antenna Corrosion - Antenna Maintenance, The Classic Beverage Antenna Revisited, How to locate RFI, FT CALC 1.3 - Ferrite Toroidal Core HF Calculator, HamVoip - Asterisk Allstar on the Raspberry Pi,

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Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2013

Baluns and common mode chokes, CW QSO Example, Small Loop Antenna Calculator by KY8D, Free ham radio utilities written in LabVIEW, LinuxLog, OneSDR, How Wide Area Radio Systems works, ARI international DX Contest

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2012

BX-184 Voice Keyer, FT991 MARS Mod, Making a Quadri Filar Helix antenna, Ecoflex-15 Degradation, Gigatronix Coax Cables, SIVA Coax Cables, WoSARS Glasgow


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