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The DXZone provides this directory as a service to the Internet Radio Community.
Every effort will be made to protect the directory from abuse. This list will not be sold or made available to other organizations. It is possible for the webmaster to send mass email messages to the members of a database. He may choose occasionally to send you a message about new features of this directory or of "DXZone" web site. By asking to be listed here, you agree to be the recipient of any such messages he choose to send. You may remove yourself from the directory at any time. Finally, effort will be made to keep this information up to date and accurate, but he cannot assume responsibility for its accuracy or usefulness in any way. Te Webmaster can assume no responsibility for how the information is used by those who access it via the web site. No guarantee is made concerning the continuance of this service. Your use of this service implies that you accept the risks of publishing your information on the Web according to the terms stated.

To add yourself to the Directory you must obtain a username and a password that will be sent to the e-mail address you provide us.
Joining procedure will be explained in the email you will receive.

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