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Antennas : 40M : 40 meter Dipole Antennas
  • Ham radio 40-meter dipole: your first antenna - How to home made a custom home made dipole antenna for the 40 meters band, just 66 feet long. Enjoy the band openings during the evening and play morse code or digital modes on this magic band.
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  • Linear Loaded 40m Dipole - Dipole for 40m band. It is a simple linear loaded dipole feeded with 450-Ohm openwire feedline. Designed it for resonance at 7.050 MHz, can be tuned on 30m and 80m bands with an external antenna tuner. Build with simple electrical copper wire (2.5 mmq/13 awg) and two fishing poles with size of about 7 m/23 ft.
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  • 40m loaded dipole - This is an short dipole for 7 MHz. Total length of this dipole is just 10 meters, 33 feet. Missing lenght is balanced by a coil made of 49 turns of a 40mm diameter pvc pipe. The use of a choke balun is recommended, as always, to adapt the unbalanced coax cable to the balanced antenna, and to prevent RF feed back along the coax shield.
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Antennas : 6M
  • Slot-Cube Antenna for 6 Meters - Slot cubes are folded skeleton slot antennas with widened, folded dipoles bent into a cube to reduce size. QST Article 12 2019
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Antennas : 6M : 6 meter J-Pole Antenna
  • Buddipole as a J-Pole for 50 MHz - How to setup and configure the buddipole antenna in the J-Pole mode for the six meter band
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  • 6 Meter Homemade J-Pole Antenna - A homemade j-pole antenna for six meters band, designed to work on local repeaters, and working on the 52-53 MHz. Includes a list of needed materials and detailed description on assembling the copper tubes used to build this antenna.
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Antennas : 80M
  • 80m Shortened Dipole Antenna - This antenna just requires about 24m of free space instead of 41m that a normal half wave 80m antenna needs to hang up. The so called loaded dipole uses a coil in every dipole arm to electrically lengthen the mechanical too short dipole arms. Every coil has an inductivity of 120 microHenry.
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Antennas : Dipole
  • Short Monoband Dipole Antennas - KGD Antennas - The KGD antenna is an option for those with space restrictions. The idea behing this project is to provide a short dipole antenna for HF Bands and to allow operations on HF bands when its not possible to setup large antennas, using these short base loaded dipoles.
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  • Multiband Dipole Antennas Compared - A comparison of multiband dipoles, including jumpered dipole versus fan dipole antennas, dipole fed by ladder line, resonant dipoles antennas. ARRL lab notes
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  • Reverse Engineering the Coax Dipole Antenna - Study of the Coaxial Dipole: Just how does this thing work.
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  • How to Tune Dipole Antennas - This is a standard calculation method that can help you while tuning dipole antennas, by adjusting wire lengths. This method can be used also when you need to add lenght to your wires, and can be additionally used to quarter waves vertical antennas
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Antennas : HexBeam
  • HexBeam Antenna Explained - A hexagonal beam is a form of the Yagi antenna which is based on parasitic principles developed early in the last century in Japan for achieving gain in one direction.How HexBeam antennas works. A hexagonal beam operates exactly like Yagi antenna, but instead of a driven element that is straight like a dipole, it is a wire bent into the shape of the letter M.
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Antennas : J-Pole
  • Exploring The J-Pole Antenna - The J-Pole antenna is a common omnidirectional antenna used in amateur radio, particularly on the VHF and UHF bands. This article is an attempt to explore how the J-pole antenna transforms feed-line impedance to free-space impedance, all the while providing gain found only in the more expensive commercial products.
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  • Construction of a J-Pole antenna for 2 meter - If you like building good antennas, this one is for you. The J-pole is a slim, omnidirectional, half-wave antenna fed at the end through a quarter-wave shorted transmission line. Its predecessor is the famous Zepp antenna developed for the Zeppelin airship.
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  • Improving Gain of the Super J-Pole Antenna - The collinear J-Pole, often known as the Super-J, does improve the behavior over a regular J-Pole. there is an advantage when vertically combining 1/2 radiating sections to have a bit of separation between the half-wave end points. Get 0.8 dB more gain out of the trusty Super-J by replacing the traditional phasing stub with a long coil.
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  • J-Pole and Expanded Super J-Pole - The standard J-Pole antenna is a end fed 1/2 wavelength antenna, in this article is explained also how to build an expanded Super J Pole that provides about 4.5 dbd gain. These antennas can be built from EMT electric conduit pipe
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Antennas : Portable
  • PAC-12 Antenna modification - A Multiband Slinky Coil for the PAC-12 portable Antenna, can be used also as a dual PAC-12 dipole by James Bennett
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Antennas : Stealth
  • Balcony Vertical HF Antenna - The simple balcony vertical HF antenna made with plastic fishing pole. Just along the pole I install copper wire in 7 meter length. Then was installed ATU. It was used home brew tuner. For each band was used one counterpoise in length 0.8 x lambda/4
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Manufacturers : Towers and Accessories
  • Volda Communication - Volda is specialized in telecom tower antenna line accessories such as cable hangers, coaxial jumpers, grounding buss bar kits, pole clamps.
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Shopping and Services : Antenna Parts
  • Aerial-Parts of Colchester - Online antenna parts store, providing many accessories for amateur radio antenna homebrewing. Boom joiners, aluminium parts, elements clamps, filters, ferrites, fasteners, plasti caps, dipole elements. Based in UL
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