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Antennas : 160M Antennas : Array Antennas : Baluns
  • HF Home made Balun  pop - A balun is a device that is used at the feedpoint of a balanced antenna when an unbalanced feedline is desired to feed the antenna. Balun is a contraction for BALanced to UNbalanced.
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Antennas : Bazooka
  • The Double Bazooka Antenna - The Double Bazooka Dipole is a very efficient single band antenna which is very quite, and does not require the use of a balun. This antenna consists of coax (RG58) or other 50 ohm type with the shield split at the center and the feedline attached to the open ends
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Antennas : Feed Lines
  • Antennas and Feedlines - Long article on antennad and feed lines
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  • Transmission Lines - Whenever you choose a coax feedline, the frequency of operation is a very important consideration. Over the operating bandwidth of the coax the VSWR is low, typically 1.2:1 or better. Insertion loss is also an important parameter. It is usually specified in dB/foot and is a linear relationship.
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  • Transmission Lines - Articles on SWR measurements and feed lines tuning.
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  • Antenna Feed Lines for Portable Use - Why twinlead isn't necessarily a low loss feed line.
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Antennas : Feed Lines : Choke
  • Choke balun - Essentially, a choke balun is designed to 'divorce' your antenna from the feed line. if your feed line is coaxial cable then you don't want it to be part of your antenna. you want to be able to deliver all your power to the radiator itself, i.e. 'the antenna'. a choke balun does this admirably
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Antennas : G5RV
  • Low reactance multiband center feed wires - An antenna system is more easily interfaced to a radio when the input reactance at the feedline terminals is low or close to series resonance
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Antennas : Multiband Antennas : Quad
  • Assembly of the Lightningbolt Quad - One of the best antenna values on the market is the LightningBolt Quad. At about half the cost of a tri-band yagi, you get five band coverage with a single coax feedline and excellent performance from a light, low wind load antenna.
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Antennas : Tuners
  • What tuners do - How atenna tuners works and what are real effects on feed lines and maximun power output by G3TXQ
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  • Do You Need an Antenna Tuner  pop - Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on the type of antenna and feed line you're using. QST Article in pdf format
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  • N4EKV.COM - Antenna Tuners - Homebrew balanced-L antenna tuner. Covers 160-10m. Designed specifically for balanced feedlines.
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Internet and Radio : Police Scanners Operating Modes : Internet Linking : IRLP
  • Ham Radio Audio and Resources - EchoLink and IRLP Internet Radio Linking Project Node's, Hurricane Watch Audio Feed's and Info, Live Scanner/Other Feed's from the USA, Local Ham Frequencies, Online Receiver's, Shoutcast Live Audio Feed's from the USA, Southern California Frequencies and more
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Radio Scanning : Beginner's guides
  • Put Your Scanner Online - how to - This tutorial explain how to put your radio feed streaming on the internet using MS windows media encoder.
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • XLZIZL by AC6LA - XLZIZL is an Excel application that analyzes the components of an antenna feed system, including transmission lines, stubs, baluns, and tuners. Calculations include impedance transforms, SWR and reflection coefficient, power loss, voltage and current standing waves, stress on tuner components, network attenuation (S21), and return loss Analysis results are available in worksheet format and in five different chart formats, including Smith charts.
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Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors

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