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Antennas : 6M Antennas : Antenna Calculators
  • Quad calculator  pop - Cubical quad antenna calculator in java script let you calculate elements size and spacing in inch and meters.
    [ Hits: 61782 | Votes: 447 | Rating: 6.86 ]
  • EH Antenna calculator - Calculate eh antenna components dimension with this online form
    [ Hits: 19826 | Votes: 72 | Rating: 5.38 ]
Antennas : J-Pole
  • J-Pole antenna design  pop - Complete guide to build Jpole antennas with online dimensions calculator.
    [ Hits: 50730 | Votes: 81 | Rating: 5.7 ]
Antennas : Loop
  • AM Antennas  pop - The ultimate AM loop antenna article. It is the only article that includes the calculations and detailed plans
    [ Hits: 55689 | Votes: 65 | Rating: 6.3 ]
Antennas : Magnetic Loop
  • Magnetic loop for 80m - A Magnetic loop antenna project for 80 meters band by OH7SV, with detailed pictures and the Magnetic Loop Calculator in an Excel file
    [ Hits: 13867 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 7.15 ]
Antennas : Theory : Antenna Gain
  • Calculate antenna gain - Guide to calculate effective gain of antennas
    [ Hits: 10227 | Votes: 95 | Rating: 6.47 ]
Ham Radio : Regional : India
  • Hamradioindia a website by vu2fd - a website by vu2fd with theory lessons, details on rules and regulations and planty of homebrew projects for radio amateurs, java calculators.
    [ Hits: 824 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 7.2 ]
Software : Antenna analysis
  • ERP Calculator Plus - ERP Calculator is an Amateur Radio software utility designed to perform a side-by-side comparison of two Ham Radio antenna systems. ERP Calculator comes pre-programmed with data files including published data for several popular brands and types of coax cable as well as several popular antenna system brands and models. ERP Calculator displays values of ERP, Antenna Power Gain, Antenna Feed point Power, Antenna System Gain in dB, Antenna Gain in dBd, SWR Attenuation in dB, SWR Power Attenuation, Coax Loss in dB, and Coax Power Loss
    [ Hits: 2893 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 5.11 ]
  • J Pole calculator  pop - Enter the operating frequency and calculate dimensions of your jpole antenna
    [ Hits: 48336 | Votes: 169 | Rating: 6.29 ]
  • HamCalc v1.3  pop - HamCalc is a free collection of calculators for radio amateurs include Antenna ERP calculations, Attenuators, Audio Filter design, Coil Winding, Decibels, Great Circles map and calculator, HF Filters, HF Traps, Metric conversions OP Amps QRA Locator to Latitude/Longitude, Radio Horizon calculator, Resonance Satellite orbit calculator Timer calculations (555 timer)Zener Diode calculations Download zip By G4VWL
    [ Hits: 26938 | Votes: 103 | Rating: 5.42 ]
Software : Circuit Design
  • JavaScript Electronic Notebook, K7MEM - It consists of a group of JavaScript driven web pages that are intended for use as a quick reference for Ham Radio operators or just anyone interested in electronics. Offer calculators for Resistors, capacitors, inductors, power supplies, filters, attenuators and antennas
    [ Hits: 3035 | Votes: 16 | Rating: 7.62 ]
Software : Grid Bearing and Maps
  • Radio Distance Software - This is a trivial program which calculates the distance and the bearing between two points. Points are either entered as geogr. data (Latitude/Longitude) or as qth-locator in the Maidenhead format (6 or 8 digits), as used in ham radio. Output is in degrees [°] for bearings, in Kilometer [km], US statute miles [mi] or nautical miles [nm] for distance
    [ Hits: 11152 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 6.29 ]
  • HamGrids - Windows application that will allow you to perform calculations with the popular Maidenhead Grid Square system. This grid system is used worldwide by amateur radio operators for many aspects of ham radio.
    [ Hits: 10676 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 6.33 ]
  • HamCalc - Add-in module to Microsoft Excel, contains a set of radio amateur relevant special functions: DistSphericLocator(Loc1; Loc2) Calculates the spheric earth model distance between two locators [km] DirSphericLocator(Loc1; Loc2) Calculates the spheric earth model direction from Loc1 to Loc2
    [ Hits: 2109 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 3.67 ]
  • TinyLocator - This free program calculates the location of any locator. It calaculates the distance, azimuth, longitude and latitude between two Maidenhead locators. Converts longitude/latitude coordinates to Maidenhead locator Converts Maidenhead locator to longitude/latitude coordinates
    [ Hits: 986 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10 ]
Software : Legacy Systems : PalmOS
  • Ham Radio Reference (HRR) - A collection of calculators, contest schedules, references, databases and more for Palm OS by KB7AVT
    [ Hits: 720 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 9.75 ]
  • HAMCALC - The function that is actually implemented is a QRB and QTF calculator, but the idea is to make a complete toolkit with DXCC database, logging and so on.
    [ Hits: 633 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10 ]
Software : Logging
  • Radioman - Freeware dos VHF/UHF Logbook morse code facility, kenwood transceivers interface, moontracking, distance and bearing calculators by DF9CY but discontinued and unsupported
    [ Hits: 1708 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0 ]
Software : Utilities
  • HAMIC - The Ham Intelligent Calculator - HAMIC, is a program designed to simplify a number of calculations commonly used by HAMs. It is designed for the HAM radio hobbyist, but may be useful to others as well. HAMIC has a simple to use, but powerful graphical interface that allows solving simple circuits such as resistors in series or parallel, or more complex circuits such as L networks or T networks. As well, other calculations such as SWR and reactance conversions are supported. Windows shareware.
    [ Hits: 1692 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 5.5 ]

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