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Antennas : J-Pole
  • 300 Ohm Twin-Lead J-Pole - popular 2-meter emergency antenna that can be found all over the internet and in antenna books.
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DX Resources : DX Peditions
  • 8Q7BO - Kuredu Island Resort - Lhaviyani Atoll - A holiday DXpedition. Done in 2004 planning to return there in April 2006.
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Ham Radio : Blogs : USA
  • WA5ICA web log - The Internet Home of Amateur Radio Station WA5ICA Adventures with low power and a lower budget
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Internet and Radio : Live streaming
  • Listen to K0KKV 146.760 Mhz Live - Login and you will find a live feed from Lincoln Nebraska, USA, via Microsoft Windows Media, some recorded nets from various days and events. You can listen live 146.760 MHz over the internet.
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Internet and Radio : Online Receivers
  • Remote-Controlled HF Operations - If you can’t get on the air from home, the Internet may provide the answer. By Brad Wyatt, K6WR. Pdf File.
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  • A Ham Radio Public utility HF Station - Merging Internet technology with Amateur Radio holds great promise. This article discusses the authors experiences in putting several Internet Remote Base stations on the air. By Stan Schretter, W4MQ, Brad Wyatt, K6WR, and Keith Lamonica, W7DXX
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Manufacturers : Towers and Accessories
  • AN Wireless Tower Company - AN Wireless is a manufacturer and distributor of Self Supporting Tower Systems for Wireless Communications, Wireless Internet, Wireless Networking, Microwave, Paging, Broadcast, Two-Way Radio and Amateur Radio.
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Manufacturers : Tubes & Semiconductors
  • CPI Eimac Internet - Innovators in Power Tube Technology
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Operating Aids : Radio Spectrum Software : Internet Linking
  • CQiNet, linking Ham Radio - CQiNet is a family of programs that combine Ham Radio with the Internet using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Two programs are currently in the family, "theBridge" and echoLinux. Thebridge is a iLink/EchoLink compatable conference bridge that runs under various versions of Unix as well as Windows. EchoLinux is a EchoLink client program for the Linux operating system.
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  • EchoMac - Mac Ham Radio EchoLink Client - EchoMac is an apple macintosh client for EchoLink internet radio network.
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Software : Linux
  • DF9CY Project Auriga - PA is a JAVA software package containing several programs, SW/VHF/UHF Logbook (imports format from RADIOMAN, VMT), Log conversion to HTML format, Import and export functions for RADIOMAN, CT RES files, BV QSL Labels, CSV etc. Internet DX-Cluster support, Keeps track of your worked Callsigns, Checks your worked Grid Squares per band, Databases for worked Grids and Callsigns Uses K1EA CQWW.CTY country file, Easy command line version for terminal operation Moontracking as clock, Pathloss calculation
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Software : Multimode
  • Lan Link for Windows - Lan Link for Windows by G3ZCZ, Internet interface to CXCluster, Controls PK-232, PK-900, PK-88, KAM, KPC-3, MFJ1278, and TNC2, PSK31 via the sound card in the PC, eQSL interface
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Software : Voice tools
  • IP-Sound  pop - IPSound is a Free application for audio exchange client to client over a TCP/IPv4 network (Lan or Internet). The main purpose for the existence of IP Sound is to provide low quality audio 8-16kHz, with low latency for use together with remote control software for "ham" radio amateur equipment. IP-Sound is developed by SM5VXC.
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers
  • Duncan's Amp Pages - This is an internet resource for those interested in guitar amplifiers, vacuum tubes, and design tools such as SPICE modelling.
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Technical Reference : Components : Toroids
  • Assessing unknown Ferrite Toroids - Ok so you have had a good day at the Rally and you have come back with a carrier bag full of ferrite toroids that "just might be useful for something". How do you find out what they are? Very few seem to be stamped with any indication of their properties, and some are 'painted' garish colours which presumably means something.
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference : BPL
  • Broadband news : Canadian BPL - Hydro-Québec joins efforts to provide high-speed internet service via power-lines
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  • PLT trials in Ireland - The Irish Powerline internet trials have begun in a Town called Tuam in North Co, Galway.
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  • Are you ready for BPL - Broadband over power lines (BPL) is a technique for transmission of high speed data (broadband Internet) over powerlines. Access BPL technology injects radio frequency energy into powerlines which were not designed for transmission of radio frequency energy, and leak substantial energy that causes interference to radiocommunications service
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Technical Reference : Sound Card Radio Interfacing
  • FT-1000MP interface - YAESU FT-1000/MP/MARK V (filed) interface, this one of numerous RTX sound blaster interfaces you can find on the internet, but this one include: FSK KEYING to use with the RTTY port, DVS-2 to use the interface in AFSK mode, this include all digital modes + voice keyer, CW KEYING
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