morse code practice


morse code practice

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Ham Radio : Clubs : South America

  • Grupo Juizforano de CW - The CWJF Group began in the 80's with the ideas of an excellent telegrafist, our dear friend Julio (PY4AG) who with customary cordiality taught those interested in practice of morse code.
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Manufacturers : QRP Kits
  • Breadboard Radio - Maker of QRP Kits, QRP CW receiver and transmitters, audio CW Filters, antenna tuners, dummy loads, and morse code practice oscillator
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Operating Modes : Morse code : Morse Code Practice Audio Files
  • MP3 CW Practice files - Generate and download morse code practice files in the mp3 format. You can even download the texts to check the resources. Files can be generated online by selecting speed, tone and duration.
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  • Generate CW Practice files - Gnerate morse code at various speeds and with lots of different types of content, everything from individual letters up to a full QSO.
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Software : Android
  • QSOSender3 - Android App - An Android based CW practice program based on simulated QSOs. The app will generate Morse code sounds from 5-50 words per minute.
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  • 2 Amateur Radio Morse code practice keys Android App - Iambic and Straight key amateur ham radio CW Morse code practice oscillators for Android. This Android app gives you both straight and iambic CW Morse code practice key oscillators. Each key translates Morse code into English and CW prosigns in real time as you practice. Practice sending Morse code with a straight key oscillator. Settings include WPM, show/hide Morse code/text, choose sidetone 400Hz-800Hz. Adjust the WPM so that you can produce well formed DITs and DAHs at a comfortable speed.
    [ Hits: 147 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 10 ]
Software : Morse Code Training
  • Morse Code - Morse Code Training, Practice and Exam Program by Stormy Weather SoftWare Ltd
    [ Hits: 16659 | Votes: 25 | Rating: 5.11 ]
  • Morse Code Practice Java Applet - CW ear trainer for Java-enabled browsers. Sends custom text, random groups of letters/digits/punctuation, or any random characters. 5-18 WPM code speed (18 WPM character speed).
    [ Hits: 4391 | Votes: 53 | Rating: 4.73 ]
  • Morse Tutor - Morse Tutor is a DOS based program written in C++. It can be used to practice morse code. Various options are available. Morse tutor with Complete Source Code and Binary is available for Download (32KB).
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  • MorseGen - MorseGen is a simple program the purpose of which is to generate Morse Code at whatever speed you feel comfortable reading, for practice purposes. It wasn't designed to be a tutor for those who know no Morse at all, although you might find it useful for that purpose. It doesn't have a feature for sending small character groups over and over, although this can easily be achieved by creating text files containing the character groups you want to practice.
    [ Hits: 2081 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 6 ]
  • Just Learn Morse Code - An excellent tool that makes it easy to learn and practice Morse code.
    [ Hits: 5231 | Votes: 20 | Rating: 8.8 ]
  • PC CW Keyer - CWQSO allows you to practice sending and receiving CW in a real QSO!
    [ Hits: 1424 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10 ]
  • CWQSO - Send and Receive on your PC - CWQSO allows you to practice sending and receiving morse code in a real QSO. You can send CW via the mouse buttons or an attached paddle, the CW you send is displayed on CWQSO
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Technical Reference : Keyers
  • FM Morse Code Keyer - A simple circuit which will generate a 700 Hz tone into any FM transceiver allowing an amateur to practice CW with another amateur on a 2 meter simplex frequency.
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Technical Reference : Morse Code Oscillator
  • Morse Practice Oscillator - A simple morse code practice oscillator using either PNP or NPN typr transistors
    [ Hits: 477 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 9.5 ]
  • Code Practice Oscillator - This code practice oscillator project uses a 555 timer IC. Includes a Schematic Diagram of the morse code oscillator
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  • Portable Morse Code Practice Oscillator - Little circuit of a Morse Code Oscillator is presented here. Excellent for learning and teaching Morse code
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Technical Reference : Morse Keys

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