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noise filter

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Antennas : Quadrifilar Helix

  • NOAA Satellite Reception with QFH Antenna - How to receive NOAA weather satellite with a home made QFH Antenna. This project includes some easy and efficient notch filters to suppress noise from FM frequencies
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Manufacturers : Antenna Analyzers
  • Timewave - Sells leading-edge voice and digital communications products to the world-wide military, government, industrial, and amateur radio marketplaces. Bluetooth Remote Audio/PTT, Rig Controller with Audio & PTT , HamLinkUSB Rig Control, Noise filtersm antenna analyzers, Multimode Data Controller, TNC, Packet Radio Terminal Node Controller. USB2RS232
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Manufacturers : Filters
  • Olympix - Performance RFI Filters that work right at the noise sources, ferrite cores.
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Operating Modes : Mobile
  • Curing Alternator Whine - How to create a low pass filter able to reduce or even remove the noise generated from your car or truck alternator
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Operating Modes : Morse code
  • Audio CW Filter - A very effective AF Adaptor, with built-in noise blanker and 30 Hz CW filter modules by PA0LQ
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : ICOM IC-756
  • ICOM 756 and 756PRO - Ini this article the author compare the Icom 756 and Icom IC 756 PRO. Comparison is very detailed and includes S Meter Calibration, Microphone Gain, Transverter Jack, the noise blanked, the spectrum analyzer, audio quality, notch filter, compression meter, noise reduction, sensivity and filter settings along to many other features making this article a must for who want to compare this two models
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Software : Circuit Design
  • EvoSpice - A numerical optimizer (solver) for LTSpice IV. Uses a fast evolutionary algorithm. You can use EvoSpice to design high efficiency power supplies, audio filters, low noise RF amplifiers and an endless list of other applications
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Software : DSP
  • WD6CNF DSP Filter - Audio Digital Filter, two bandpass filters, three notch filters, two noise filters graphical setting of filter center frequency and bandwidth Drag vertical lines on top of signal, Microphone input, speaker output Mono, 5 kHz bandwidth
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Software : Software Defined Radio
  • Zeus Radio - Software Defined Radio - Zeus Radio program is designed specifically for the ZS-1 transceiver and supports all the basic functions (RIT, XIT, SPLIT, Noise Reduction, Auto Notch Filter, etc.) in order to work in the broadcast brought only pleasure. Zeus Radio works also with Hermes, Anan, Afedri, Red Pitaya, HiQSDR, Odyssey, Extio, RTL-SDR, Peaberry, Winradio, SDR-IQ, Afedri
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Software : Weak Signal
  • HamView - A freeware program to dig out weak signals buried in noise, functionally similar to the excellent FFTDSP of AF9Y, but with the added bonus of real time audio filtering of the incoming signals. Just point and click with the mouse, and the selected signal will stand out from the QRM and noise.
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Technical Reference : Filters
  • RTLSDR Coax Stub - Cutting out the noise using a simple coax filter to improve the poor front end filtering
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Technical Reference : QRM Eliminator
  • Local-noise filter - Suppressing noises from your plasma TV or other unwanted signal sources
    [ Hits: 1058 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 8 ]
  • PlasmaTV QRN Eliminator - An improved version of DK9NL QRM Killer, with dedicated noise sampling antenna for completely filtering of plasma TV rattle on HF bands
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference : Noise Reduction
  • How to make a mains filter for EMC and noise reduction - Article showing how I've made a mains filter to reduce EMC in the electricity supplying my shack. I've used a type 31 Fair-Rite ferrite core and the video shows how this performs on 160m through to 40m.
    [ Hits: 937 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 10 ]
  • Mains Filter for EMC & Noise Reduction - This article shows how to make a mains filter that can be extremely effective in reducing and in some cases eliminating completely EMC from the electricity supplying your shack
    [ Hits: 213 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 9 ]
Technical Reference : Test Equipment : RF Sweep Generator
  • Simple Hartley Sweeper - This sweeper built for a narrow bandwidth filter adjustment, use a simple 555 version sawtooth wave generator.
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