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Antennas : 20M : 20 meter Vertical Antennas
  • 4m Tall Vertical Dipole for 20m - Constructed in May 2008, this innovative 4m tall electrically full-size halfwave vertical dipole, tunable to multiple bands, offers HF coverage despite its space-saving design. Inspired by cost-effective DIY alternatives, the antenna design departs from conventional center-fed approaches, utilizing asymmetrical dimensions. Despite resonance challenges, the antenna's performance remains viable, boasting broad bandwidth and adaptability, as demonstrated through SWR measurements and EZNEC predictions.
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Antennas : 6M : 6 meter J-Pole Antenna
  • Home Built six meter J-Pole Antenna - This article provides details on building a 6 Meter J-Pole antenna using PVC pipe for an enclosure. This antenna uses flat 450 ohm Window Line for the tuning stub.
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  • Home Built 6M J-Pole Antenna - This article provides details on building a 6 Meter J-Pole antenna using PVC pipe for an enclosure.
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Antennas : Baluns
  • QRP Balun: A DIY Project - DIY project of a QRP Balun. Using a high permeability ferrite rod and an old B&W dipole center insulator, he constructs a choke type balun for QRP use. The balun aims to create as much inductance as possible at HF, offering a high impedance to common mode currents
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Antennas : Dipole
  • Short Monoband Dipole Antennas - KGD Antennas - The KGD antenna is an option for those with space restrictions. The idea behing this project is to provide a short dipole antenna for HF Bands and to allow operations on HF bands when its not possible to setup large antennas, using these short base loaded dipoles.
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Antennas : Fan Dipole
  • Modeling an 80/40/20M Fan Dipole for DX - An interesting presentation of a real multiband Fan Dipole antenna, optimized for better DX operation performances, considering the terrain, position, DX destination path and other influencing factors
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Antennas : Moxon
  • Enhancing Performance with W8JK/MOXON Antenna Variant - F5NPV introduces a variant of the W8JK antenna design, employing the MOXON principle. With extended monopoles, it outperforms the Open-Folded W8JK, yielding a 1dbd gain improvement, enhanced performance on 30m and 10m bands, bi-directionality, and lower side attenuation. The design's focus on higher radiation impedance results in increased antenna efficiency and reduced losses. Despite these improvements, the bill of materials remains unchanged.
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  • Moxon Mania - Building the Ultimate 4-Band Moxon Antenna - The article details the design and construction of a four-band Moxon beam by a radio amateur. The beam, mounted atop a rooftop tower, aimed for gain over a dipole on 20 meters, cost under $500, and included additional bands. The design features fiberglass spreaders, four bands (20/15/10/6 meters), and a single feedpoint. The construction involved computer modeling, NEC source code, and specific dimensions. The article outlines the assembly, materials, and tuning process, including in-situ adjustments for optimal performance. Despite initial challenges, the beam improved signal strength and facilitated contacts on multiple bands, marking it as the best HF antenna the author has owned.
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Antennas : OCF
  • Homebrew an OCF Off-Center Fed Dipole Antenna - This type of antenna is a popular antenna design as the performance is very good across the HF bands and requires little or no tuning. It’s a dipole fed off center with a 4:1 balun at the offset feed point. The antenna shown covers 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters. The formula can also be used to adjust the overall length to cover more or fewer bands and the resulting overall length. 160-10m, 80-10m or 40-10 meters depending on your available space. Other bands will require a tuner.
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  • Tuning OCF L-Dipoles - The behavior of a straight dipole and its L-form is examined in terms of impedance and SWR. By adjusting the feed point or bending angle, impedance variation is observed. Impedance shifts symmetrically as the feed point deviates, leading to recommendations for optimal ratios. Model simulations aid in understanding and fine-tuning, crucial for achieving a 50 Ohm match. Practical tuning guidelines ensure efficient antenna performance.
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Antennas : Wire
  • The Squid Pole Wire Antenna Re-visited - The author explores enhancing the performance of a 7-meter fiberglass squid pole wire antenna for amateur radio. The wire, resonant at 10MHz, poses impedance challenges on various bands. Experimenting with direct coax feed and UN-UN transformers, the LDG Z11-Pro2 auto-tuner is found effective but may show deceptive SWR readings. The author employs adjustable UN-UN ratios and introduces a custom "porcupine" coil to optimize the antenna's efficiency.
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Technical Reference : Batteries
  • USB-C charging for Handheld Radio Transceivers - The article highlights the common absence of modern USB-C ports on handheld ham radios and the limited use of USB for power. The author, [jephthai], shares a solution involving a USB-C cable with power negotiation capabilities, allowing the radio to be powered by USB. By splicing Anderson power pole connectors onto the cable, the radio can now be conveniently powered by a USB battery bank, providing a practical alternative to traditional 12 V batteries for off-grid operations.
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