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Antennas : Feed Lines : Open Wire
  • The Merits of Open Wire lines - This article is devoted to pointing out the advantages of open wire lines and discussing a few particular applications where they might be the preferred choice to feed the antenna.
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Antennas : Homebrewing Techniques
  • Antenna Impedance measurement - When experimenting on an antenna it's often important to determine its feedpoint impedance at various frequencies across the operating band. It's easy enough to measure SWR, but sometimes we need to know more detail than this
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Antennas : Multiband
  • Some plain facts about multiband vertical antennas - There is considerable confusion as to what exactly a multiband vertical antenna is. The confusion concerns the method of feed, how much mismatch one can expect, how many radials are required, how the particular antenna is built for multiband use, plus some other points.
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Antennas : Theory
  • Another way to look at vertical antennas - What iss the difference between a dipole and a vertical? Maybe not as much as you think. Come along and try another point of view.
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  • Sensitivity of Multi Turn Receiving Loops - Magnetism is manifested as a 'field of vectors', that is, any point in the magnetic field has not only a magnitude, but a direction in space. The four Maxwell equations describe how electric and magnetic vector fields behave and interact.
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  • Getting started in contest - A PowerPoint presentation by Bruce Draper, AA5B on how to get started in contesting, no matter if you are a big gun or a little pistol
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Contesting : QSO Party
  • Colorado QSO Party - After some years of absence the Colorado QSO Party (COQP) is going to happen again. Mark you calendar, tune up your rig and point your antenna toward the Central Rocky Mountains and get ready for a fun time.
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : Canada : British Columbia
  • The Nechako Radio Club - The Nechako Radio Club was formed in the summer of '93 to provide a common meeting point for the local area amateur radio operators.
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Operating Aids : Distance & Bearing
  • Great Circle Distance Calculator - This online calculator computes the great circle distance between two points on the earth's surface
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Operating Aids : Maps Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : Yaesu FT-2000
  • MM0XDG Yaesu FT-2000 settings - These are the key menu settings for RX and TX Audio that I used to use on the Yaesu FT-2000. I have published them here as a web-based recod for me, but also for the benefit of other licensed amateurs who may be looking for a starting point.
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Radio Equipment : VHF-UHF Handhelds : Yaesu VX-2
  • Yaesu VX-2R Quick Reference Card - A downloadable free quick reference card for the Yaesu VX-2R in powerpoint and PDF file ready to be printed.
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Shopping and Services : Regional : Europe
  • Point Electronics - Radio Communication Equipment store in Wien Austria
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • 3 EL Quad Designer - This DOS program will figure the wire sizes for a 3 element quad and will also give you the distance from the center of the boom to drill your holes for mounting the wire on the spider. it also gives you the length of the 4 quarter wave lengths of wire in case you would like to figure the spreader drill points yourself.
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Software : Beacon Monitoring
  • Beacon Assistant - Simple little program that just points to the spot on a world map where a radio beacon is transmitting.
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Software : DSP
  • NBEMS - The Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System (NBEMS) for Windows is a suite of software programs designed for point-to-point, fast, error-free, emergency messaging up to or over 100 miles distant, and takes up a very minimum of frequency space on the ham bands, leaving more space for other ham activites.
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Software : Grid Bearing and Maps
  • Beam DX - BEAM_DX is a free windows software for radioamateurs or radio listeners usage. It allows to point a directionnal antenna towards an azimuth, a locator, an international prefix or any other geographical position on earth predefined by its latitude and its longitude
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Software : Satellite tracking
  • Satellite Finder - Satellite Finder is a way to accurately point satellite dishes at communications satellites in geostationary orbit.
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Software : Utilities
  • HERALD P2P radio link design - Sw tool to design point-to-point multi-hop microwave links and networks, 400MHz to 58 GHz. Site/Hop Configuration; Customized Antenna & Radio Equipment Libraries; Link Budget; Path Profile Analysis ,clearance, reflections; import path profiles from SRTM maps, free download.
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Technical Reference : Homebrew
  • Tools and Links for RF Power Amplifier Builders - This document lists a few tools, documents and websites which are valuable in the design and construction of amateur RF power amplifiers. The list is small but it represents a good starting point for the amateur amplifier builder.
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