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Antennas : End-Fed
  • End Fed Antenna for WARC Bands - I used a FT 240-43 for much more power, not needed but beter safe than sorry. 150 Watt continious, 300 Watt PEP SSB, 90 Watt Digimodes 10 Mhz, 18 Mhz, 24 Mhz Very easy to build design and a good antenna for people who don't have much space for big towers or long wires This design is from Hans - PE1RNU
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Antennas : Feed Lines : Choke
  • A High Performance RF Choke for the HF bands - Home brewing a high performance, high power common mode choke for HF bands
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  • Some secrets of Common Mode Chokes revealed - This is a small collection of K9YC info and my experiences. Problems by feed lines of 1/2 lambda length. CMCs in transmitting and receiving systems. Antenna unbalance, Maximal allowed power, Choke winding tips.
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Operating Modes : Digital Modes
  • Ribbit digital text messaging mode for HF/VHF/UHF - Ribbit is a novel digital text messaging mode for VHF/UHF communications for recreational and emergency use which radically increases the density of information transmitted by spectrum used. It leverages the computing power of the modern smartphone to increase the capabilities of any Handy Talkie without requiring any additional hardware or cable. A Ribbit message is fixed in duration at 1250 milliseconds. It is sent over audio modulation with a 2kHz bandwidth centered on 1.5kHz. It is preceded by 400ms of white noise to open analog squelch circuits.
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Operating Modes : Portable Operations
  • PD Powerbank for SOTA Radios - This post describes how the newish Power Delivery (PD) mode mobile powerbanks can be used to power a SOTA transceiver as well as keeping your other hiking devices charged.
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Operating Modes : QRP
  • QRP - Low Power Operating ARRL - QRP is a way of operating that involves using low power transmitters, that are no more than 5 Watts for Morse or data modes, or 10 Watts pep for voice. Introduction to QRP operations
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Propagation : Resources
  • Using PSK Reporter as Propagation Tool - PSK Reporter,is a powerful tool for monitoring your FT8, JT65 or PSK signals around the world. But, even if you are not transmitting on any of these modes it can still be a great propagation tool for determining which bands are open and to where in the world signals from your area are being heard.
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : ICOM IC-756
  • ICOM IC756 Fan Modification - ICOM IC756 PRO II III, PS125 Fan Modifications, install an external cooling fan on the ICOM IC756 PROIII to minimize the heat on the chassis, then will perform a fan modification on the ICOM PS125 power supply to minimize the fan noise.
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : Icom IC-705
  • IC705 GoBox: A Portable Windows-Based Solution for All-Digital Modes - This project details the creation of a portable GoBox housing an IC705, Windows 11 PC, and Bluetooth microphone. The robust setup, enclosed in a weatherproof Hofbauer Explorer Case, ensures stability and functionality for QRP and emergency radio activities. The aluminum-mounted devices minimize RF interference, and a built-in LifePO4 battery powers the 10.1 TFT touch LED monitor, providing approximately 12 hours of use in receive mode. With a focus on grab-and-go versatility, this GoBox stands as an efficient solution for outdoor ham radio operations.
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : Icom IC-706
  • IC-706 mk2 Modifications - The 5 MHZ and MARS Mod, transmitter power max modification
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Software : Radio Control
  • FGB Wakeup for Yaesu FT RTX - Home made freeware utility that allows to power on or shutdown the Yaesu FT rig. It has been tested on the FT-5000. It works also on FT 450 950 1200 2000 3000 5000 9000. It does NOT require any installation, just the exe files. Available in client server mode for remote connections
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Software : Utilities
  • Transmission Line Details - This utility program shows the impedance and reflection coefficient parameters (SWR, reflection coefficient magnitude Rho, or Return Loss RL in dB) at both ends of a transmission line and the details of power loss in the line. It includes built-in specifications for approximately 100 different line types. You can modify the specs to see how small changes affect the results or to specify custom lines. All program inputs may be changed directly or you can use spin buttons to make the changes.
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Technical Reference : AI Ham Radio
  • AI Projections for Ham Radio Modes in 2023-2025 - In an innovative analysis, Michael G7VJR employs NeuralProphet to predict ham radio modes' usage trends. The AI model, leveraging deep learning, forecasts a steady FT8 dominance, with slight declines in CW and Phone activities. This approach simplifies statistical predictions, showcasing the power of AI in understanding complex patterns and facilitating insightful time series projections. Access the freely available Club Log data for continuous exploration.
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Technical Reference : Alternative Power
  • Ham Radio and Solar Power Systems - Can Home Solar Power and Ham Radio Coexist? It is possible, with minimal interference from the solar power system, provided you make some modifications.
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Technical Reference : Arduino
  • Digital SWR and Power Meter - This module is an analogue and digital SWR and power meter/monitor, designed to replace analogue SWR and power metering in an AM Transmitter project.
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Technical Reference : Batteries
  • USB-C charging for Handheld Radio Transceivers - The article highlights the common absence of modern USB-C ports on handheld ham radios and the limited use of USB for power. The author, [jephthai], shares a solution involving a USB-C cable with power negotiation capabilities, allowing the radio to be powered by USB. By splicing Anderson power pole connectors onto the cable, the radio can now be conveniently powered by a USB battery bank, providing a practical alternative to traditional 12 V batteries for off-grid operations.
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Technical Reference : Homebrew
  • PCM Kestrel HF Transceiver - This article describes an upgrade to the Kestrel transceiver, replacing its LCD display with a 0.91-inch OLED screen for improved sound quality. VFO boards from Denys VK3ZYZ were integrated, particularly a Nano VFO board. The author shares details about the setup and the resulting enhancements, along with images of the modified components. The transceiver is now optimized for various frequencies and operates at a power output of approximately 120 W pep. More information about the boards can be found on the provided website.
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Technical Reference : Software Defined Radio
  • TRX Eagle SDR - TRX Eagle is a ultra compact software defined radio for amateur radio bands. This all mode SDR features a 15W total power output.
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Technical Reference : Sound Card Radio Interfacing
  • DuinoVox USB interface - Cheap and easy to build digital modes USB interface for Ham Radio. The DuinoVOX Arduino powered digital modes USB interface for ham radio.
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Technical Reference : Vector Network Analyzer
  • Measuring with a MiniVNA - Measuring technicques using a MiniVNA, author describes how to determine and unknown inductance, or how to determine an unknown capacitance, crystals, how determine insertion loss and directional attenuation of couples and power dividers, coax switches or even common mode chockes.
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