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Antennas : Feed Lines : Choke
  • RF Choke with Bifilar Windings - This article presents an RF Choke featuring an 11-bifilar turn winding of #14 house wire on a Fair-rite FT240-31 toroid. The choke is enclosed in a 3D-printed case from Thingiverse, though this may pose thermal concerns at higher power levels. With SWR concerns up to 30MHz, the author plans to employ two series chokes at the rig input for improved performance. This choke offers versatility for portable use, with potential mismatch resolution using an antenna tuner. Further testing is anticipated upon the arrival of new cables.
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Manufacturers : SWR Meters
  • DJ9PK SWR Meters - This device was designed as an SWR and power meter for Radio Amateurs. In addition to SWR, it measures forward and backwards power, therefore can also be used as a wattmeter. With a large measuring range from 1 to 1000 watts, it is suitable for use from QRP to QRO
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : Yaesu FT-817
  • Power and VSWR Indication on the FT-817 - Reflected power and VSWR Metering on Yaesu FT-817, and proper interpretation of real values. The power output meter it is a relative indicator of the antenna match that the radio is experiencing. Reference table and how correctly read the values of the Yaesu internal meter.
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Software : RF Design
  • VSWR Calculator - This calculator converts between VSWR and Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient, Mismatch Loss, and Reflected Power.
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Software : Utilities
  • Transmission Line Details - This utility program shows the impedance and reflection coefficient parameters (SWR, reflection coefficient magnitude Rho, or Return Loss RL in dB) at both ends of a transmission line and the details of power loss in the line. It includes built-in specifications for approximately 100 different line types. You can modify the specs to see how small changes affect the results or to specify custom lines. All program inputs may be changed directly or you can use spin buttons to make the changes.
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers : HF Amplifiers
  • 600W LDMOS Power Amplifier - A comeplete home made 600W LDMOS RF power amplifier. Settings can be made on a 7-inch touch screen, and on this screen you can see a lot of useful information during operation, such as output power, temperature, SWR, and so on. The power amplifier includes 2 MRF300 LDMOS FETs and several built-in sensors. The amplifier also contains several types of protection functions like too high current, too high swr, too high temperature, etc.
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Technical Reference : Arduino
  • Arduino Power and SWR Meter - Power and SWR Meter with dual bargraphs and sticky bar, using 2x AD8307
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  • Digital SWR and Power Meter - This module is an analogue and digital SWR and power meter/monitor, designed to replace analogue SWR and power metering in an AM Transmitter project.
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Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors
  • Coax Loss Calculator Online by K5VR - RF Feedline (Coax and Ladder-Line) Loss and ERP Calculators made with Javascript. This complex feddline loss calculator has already several line types paramenters for most common coaxial cables from Belden, Time LMR, Wireman and other common products. Result will give Matches loss, SWR loss, dB and Watts power loss.
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Technical Reference : Dummy Loads
  • DIY 1KW Dummy Load - F5NPV explores the construction of a cost-effective 1KW dummy load for radio enthusiasts. Purchasing a commercial dummy load can be expensive, but with basic materials such as a metal can, resistors, mineral oil, and a heat dissipator, you can build your own. The article provides a simple guide to assembling the load, including the importance of testing for inductance. The DIY dummy load yields impressive performance, with an SWR of 1.2:1 across multiple bands and the ability to handle up to 1KW of power. This budget-friendly solution is a valuable addition to any radio shack.
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Technical Reference : SWR Meters
  • How to make a low end SWR/ Watt Meter reading PEP power - Building a PEP Power circuit for all analogue watt-meter
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  • Digital SWR Meter with Arduino - Inline RF Power & VSWR Meter. A DIY meter 0 to 30 Watt with Average and Peak. Circuit Description, Arduino Nano software code and part list to DIY your own Digital SWR Meter
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  • SWR-Display - The intention was to determine also very small SWR ratios with small power exactly. With this SWR meter, for example, the inputs of RF amplifiers with power <-20 dBm can be measured. In German
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  • Remote Power and SWR Meter Project - Remotely monitor the output power and SWR of your station via a web browser. WT32/ESP32 based project, combined with a directional coupler setup. It reads two voltages which are supplied by the directional couplers. From these, the respective power is calculated with the help of a calibration data table to be created by the user.
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Technical Reference : Standing Wave Ratio
  • The Effects of VSWR on Transmitted Power - What is VSWR and why you should care, formal definition of VSWR and SeaSonde Measurements, formulas
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  • Measuring SWR at 1296 MHz - Have you been looking for an easy way to measure power or SWR at 1296 MHz? One thing is certain, it is not easy - simply because the normal range of SWR meters that most of us have is not up to 1300 MHz.
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