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Antennas : 10M
  • A 5 elements Vee log-yagi for 10m - 5 elements "vee" log-yagi for 10m band- boom lenght : 4mt. Gain : over 10 dBd , f/b =over 40 db (deep null) f/b= min 20dB for different polarization signals
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Antennas : 80M
  • 80/75 Meter 4-Square Array - This array has been in use since 1989. The SWR from 3.5 to 3.9 is below 1.5:1. The F/R of the array is 20dB average and with some signals even better.
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Antennas : Beverage
  • Echelon-Log Beverages - About beverage antennas, Enhanced F/B Beverages, Bandwidth of Directivity, arrays. This article describes two phasing systems for Beverage antennas that improve directivity and cancel rearward signals. These systems use lossy elements and require minimal components to achieve broadband performance.
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Manufacturers : Software Defined Radio
  • SoftRock-40 - The SoftRock-40 is a small, low-cost, good-performing "software defined radio" receiver that plugs into a computer USB port and delivers I-Q audio signals to the computer's sound card. It was designed by Tony Parks, KB9YIG and Bill Tracey, KD5TFD as an "SDR sampler project" for hams everywhere to easily try out software defined radio.
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Operating Modes : GPS
  • USCG Navigation Center DGPS - Differential Global Positioning Service (DGPS) is a land-based augmentation system that receives and processes signals from orbiting GPS satellites, calculates corrections from known positions and broadcasts these corrections via a Medium Frequency (MF) Transmitter to DGPS users in the Broadcast Site's coverage area.
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Operating Modes : JT65
  • JT65 Protocol - JT65 is a digital protocol intended for Amateur Radio communication with extremely weak signals. It was designed to optimize Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) contacts on the VHF bands, and conforms efficiently to the established standards and procedures for such QSOs.
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Operating Modes : QRSS
  • OE5EEP QRSS - transmite equipment, collections of qrss signals received
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Propagation : Long-Delayed Echoes
  • Unusual HF Propagation Phenomena - This page has a collection of audio samples from unusual HF propagation phenomena, from round-the-world propagation to moonbounced signals , and to ducted transmission.
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Software : Beacon Monitoring
  • Faros - Windows shareware, automatic NCDXF beacon monitor for Radio Amateurs, SWL'ers and HF communication engineers. by Alex VE3NEA. It continuously monitors 18 NCDXF beacons on five bands, automatically detects the presence of the beacon signals, even in QRM and noise.
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Software : DSP
  • SignalGen - SignalGen is a free (GPL) Linux (Xwindows GUI-based) utility that generates relatively low frequency signals with the use of a PC sound card. It is an entirely suitable replacement for a hardware signal generator if one doesn't require signals of a frequency higher than about 50 KHz. SignalGen creates any frequency between a fraction of one Hertz and an upper limit determined by your sound card's capabilities.
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  • glfer - glfer is a program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals. It is composed of two main parts: the spectrogram window, where you can see the spectrum of the received signal vs. time the transmission functions, to emit cw characters at a slow but precisely controlled speed, using the QRSS (slow CW) or DFCW (Dual Frequency CW) modes
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  • Linrad - Multiplatoform freeware DSP software. Linrad has its origin in software that was developed for 144 MHz EME CW but it is quite general and should be seen more like a kit for designing a receiver that a receiver for some particular usage. It can be used as a CW receiver with a small time delay and a fast waterfall graph. A dsp for conventional receiver to imporve signals readability, a spectrum analyzer.
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Software : Macintosh
  • Fast Morse - Macintosh morse code software, Fast Morse will convert any text you enter into the original Morse code equivalent, and play it on your speakers. The speed can be adjusted to anything from 1 to 35 words per minute if your computer can keep up, allowing you to send Morse signals at a rate your friends and fellow Morse enthusiasts can follow!
    [ Hits: 2822 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 6 ]
Software : PSK31
  • RX-PSK31 - Easy to use Audio Spectrum- and PSK31 decoding program specially designed for SWL's who don't need TX or for anyone who just like to monitor PSK31 or analyse signals. Adjustable DSP and Spectrum settings for audio and frequency spectrum analasys or to set it for best decoding of PSK31 signals. By ON6MU
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Software : Signal Generator
  • TCube - TCUBE is a combination of a Spectrum Analyzer and a Two Tone Generator, with optional quadrature outputs. It can be used for measuring the intermodulation behavior of an audio circuit, and as a general purpose tool
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Software : Software Defined Radio
  • WINRAD by I2PHD - Winrad is a free software program designed to implement a Software Defined Radio (SDR), meant to run under Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 98SE. In a nutshell, it accepts a chunk of up to 96 kHz coming from a complex mixer in form of two signals, I and Q, fed to the PC sound card.
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Software : Weak Signal
  • HamView - A freeware program to dig out weak signals buried in noise, functionally similar to the excellent FFTDSP of AF9Y, but with the added bonus of real time audio filtering of the incoming signals. Just point and click with the mouse, and the selected signal will stand out from the QRM and noise.
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Technical Reference : Audio
  • Audio Preamp - Easy circuit that provide good gain to weak audio signals
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Technical Reference : Homebrew
  • CW Filter - I0QM Gaussian CW Filter page This Filter for the weak signals is the evolution of the simple Universal State filter, already published on "Radio Rivista", the 8/1993
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • Filters and Ferrites in EMC - This article is about the characteristics and use of various filters and ferrites for solving amateur radio electromagnetic compatibility problems involving breakthrough of amateur signals into domestic equipment such as television sets, video recorders stereo sytems etc.
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