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Ham Radio : Resources
  • Amateur Radio Info - Information for Amateur Radio, Echolink,``Frequency assignment,Q Signals, RST, Fcc Part 97, 3rd Party traffic.
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Manufacturers : Accessories
  • CW Buffer, Amplifier & Preamp Sequencer - The AMPSEQUENCER board is an advanced microprocessor driven control board specifically designed to buffer CW key signals while switching the amplifier to transmission, it can also be used to provide proper TX delay timing for RTTY and Pre-Amplifier proper sequencing
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Operating Modes : GPS
  • USCG Navigation Center DGPS - Differential Global Positioning Service (DGPS) is a land-based augmentation system that receives and processes signals from orbiting GPS satellites, calculates corrections from known positions and broadcasts these corrections via a Medium Frequency (MF) Transmitter to DGPS users in the Broadcast Site’s coverage area.
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Operating Modes : MFSK
  • DOMINO - new MFSK mode - A new MFSK mode with IFK by ZL1BPU and ZL2AFP.It is a simple Amateur Radio mode for keyboard QSOs. domino provides digital chat-mode operation on the HF bands, using the well respected sound card technique. Domino will handle TX/RX offsets and mistuning of 200Hz with ease, and will provide perfect copy of drifting signals up to 200Hz/minute!
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Radio Scanning : Nature Shortwave Radio : BCL Resources
  • Interval Signals Archive - Large collection of audio clips of foreign radio stations, with identification announcements in various languages, signature tunes and jingles, and of course interval signals.
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Shortwave Radio : Numbers stations
  • Short Wave Espionage - Here you can access the book "Secret Signals, The Euronumbers Mystery" which was written in 1991 and is now out of print. Lot's of information on spionage and numbers stations
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  • Covert Comms Archive - Covert Comms was a monthly column wrote for the ACE newsletter from 1997 to 2002. The column was devoted to numbers stations, unidentified signals, intelligence information, and other related information
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Software : DSP
  • HF Analyzer - Professional analyser HF signals, work with bandwidth 500Hz....60Mhz, ddc-mode, scope, spectrum
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  • Trimitator - Software for imitation digital radio-signals: ASK, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, variable speed, any frequency
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  • Jason - Jason is a weaksignal communication program, especially tailored for LF work.
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Software : Radio Control
  • AREight - This is the most advanced scanner software for the AR8200 and the AR8600. It can effect any type of scan, can scan from 1KHz to 3000MHz in one time. The AREight is a software for help you to listen signals from around the globe on the shortwave bands
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Software : Signal Generator
  • TCube - TCUBE is a combination of a Spectrum Analyzer and a Two Tone Generator, with optional quadrature outputs. It can be used for measuring the intermodulation behavior of an audio circuit, and as a general purpose tool
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Software : Weak Signal
  • Argo - Argo is a freeware windows viewer for MTHELL, Slow CW, like QRSS and DFCW. Can be used for EME operations by I2PHD and IK2CZL
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  • HamView - A freeware program to dig out weak signals buried in noise, functionally similar to the excellent FFTDSP of AF9Y, but with the added bonus of real time audio filtering of the incoming signals. Just point and click with the mouse, and the selected signal will stand out from the QRM and noise.
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers : RF Amplifiers Theory
  • A.M. tutorial - This tutorial is designed to help explain some of the concepts involved in RF power measurement for amplitute modulated signals.
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Technical Reference : Audio
  • Audio Preamp - Easy circuit that provide good gain to weak audio signals
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • RFI Information Page - This page gives information about Radio Frequency Interference, the unwanted reception of radio signals. You'll find out how to determine what is at fault (the transmitter or the receiver) and what you can do in either case.
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  • 6m High Pass TVI filter - Are you suffering from TVI? Then why not try this filter for size. It is a three-stage high-pass filter that blocks low-frequency 50MHz signals while letting through UHF TV.
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference : Noise Reduction
  • Antenna Noise and Signal Cancelling at LF - By using the signals from two antennas, controlling their relative amplitudes and controlling the phase of one of them, unwanted signal or unwanted noise can be phased out. Circuitry is described which uses the signal from a wire antenna to provide selective cancelling against the signal output from an LF loop antenna.
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