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Antennas : Satellite
  • Adding to an Arrow Satellite Antenna - By adding a tripod for mounting, bearing indicators, and a pre-amplifier, you can create an impressive antenna system for picking up FM signals from AO-51.
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : Illinois
  • WAFAR - Western Area FM Amateur Repeater Club - The main WAFAR transmitter site is on the roof of the Civic Opera House in Downtown Chicago, and sends our 2-meter and 440 MHz. repeater signals all over Northeast Illinois.
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Internet and Radio : Podcast
  • The DX Podcast - A podcast devoted to long-distance radio reception on the AM broadcast band. AM, or Medium Wave (MW), signals can travel thousands of miles.
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Internet and Radio : Sounds
  • DD3DJ Sound Samples - Some sound samples of received signals mainly on VHF-band
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  • Listen to Radio Meteors live - Echos of USAF (Formally NAVSPASUR) radar signals reflected off of meteor trails received at Roswell, New Mexico
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Operating Aids : Radio Spectrum
  • Frequencies for using digital modes - These frequencies are to be used as a guide to find the related signals. They have come from several sources, and are, in no way, guaranteed to be complete, accurate, or inclusive.
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Operating Modes
  • Sights and Sounds of Digital Signals - Preview the waterfall signature of various digital signals and listen to the sound of the digital modes. Learn about the bandwidth requirements and why a linear transmitter path is critical to successful and correct use of many modes on the amateur bands by W1HKJ
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Operating Modes : Longwave
  • Slow CW Sensitivity - DK8KW laboratory tests to get some indication about the ability to communicate with signals below noise level using Slow-CW.
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Operating Modes : QRSS
  • G4OEP QRSS pages - Pictures of QRSS Signals, a homebrew receiver for 136 Khz
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  • OE5EEP QRSS - transmite equipment, collections of qrss signals received
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Operating Modes : RTTY
  • Getting started on RTTY - A complete guide from the station setup, rtty software customization, tips on tuning rtty signals and setting the proper audio level and filters by Andrew G8GNI M5AEX
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Software : DSP
  • glfer - glfer is a program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals. It is composed of two main parts: the spectrogram window, where you can see the spectrum of the received signal vs. time the transmission functions, to emit cw characters at a slow but precisely controlled speed, using the QRSS (slow CW) or DFCW (Dual Frequency CW) modes
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  • Linrad - Multiplatoform freeware DSP software. Linrad has its origin in software that was developed for 144 MHz EME CW but it is quite general and should be seen more like a kit for designing a receiver that a receiver for some particular usage. It can be used as a CW receiver with a small time delay and a fast waterfall graph. A dsp for conventional receiver to imporve signals readability, a spectrum analyzer.
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Software : Linux
  • RSCW - RSCW is a Linux/Unix program for decoding morse signals using the computer's sound card. It has been written/optimized for digging weak signals out of the noise.
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Software : Macintosh
  • Fast Morse - Macintosh morse code software, Fast Morse will convert any text you enter into the original Morse code equivalent, and play it on your speakers. The speed can be adjusted to anything from 1 to 35 words per minute if your computer can keep up, allowing you to send Morse signals at a rate your friends and fellow Morse enthusiasts can follow!
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Software : Navtex
  • DSCdecoder - DSCdecoder decodes the DSC digital signals from ships and coast stations using the sound card in your PC. You need a suitable MF, HF or VHF band radio receiver tuned to one of the DSC distress and calling channels or to one of the Navtex channels
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Software : Oscilloscope
  • BIP Electronics Lab Oscilloscope - Freeware windows oscilloscope uses the sound card's input to measure signals. This means that the quality of the scope depends on the quality of your sound card. The scope automatically uses the highest sample frequency available at the input that you select
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Technical Reference : Filters Technical Reference : Homebrew
  • CW Filter - I0QM Gaussian CW Filter page This Filter for the weak signals is the evolution of the simple Universal State filter, already published on "Radio Rivista", the 8/1993
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