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Antennas : Theory Contesting
  • Rick Tavan - Radio Contesting - When I tell friends that I enjoy amateur radio contesting, their reaction is usually a quizzical stare. "What's that?" It is hard to explain in the span of a cocktail conversation, so here is the answer.
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DX Resources : DX Foundations
  • Chiltern DX Club - The aim of the club is to promote HF operating in Amateur Radio and to encourage excellence, particularly in DXing and contest operating. We approach this through mutual assistance, by the support of DXpeditions, by the issuing of achievement awards and by whatever other means are deemed to be appropriate.
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DX Resources : QSLing
  • Dokufunk QSL Collection - The Research and Documentation Center for the History of Radio Communications and the Electronic Media (our full name) is the world's biggest organization to collect, save, research and present whatever relates to the history of radio communications, particularly amateur radio and broadcasting
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Ham Radio : ARES RACES
  • ARES Ontario - Website by, for and about Amateur Radio Emergency Service volunteer registered stations in the Radio Amateurs of Canada, Ontario Section. Find out what we do, and how we do it, as well as how you can help.
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Ham Radio : Blogs : USA
  • K4eq ham radio blog - A place for me to express my thoughts on my radio activities, the state of amateur radio today, or anything else related to ham radio. Most of what you will read is only an opinion of mine and not something I'm about to get all bent out of shape over.
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : Arkansas
  • Arkansas Section Website - Arkansas Section's information Website. A good place to find out what is happening with in Arkansas's amateur radio comunity.
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : North Dakota
  • W0HSC NDSU Amateur Radio Society - The major goal of this site is to give the reader a general overview of what amateur radio is, and what it has to offer
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : Pennsylvania
  • W3LIF Mercer County Amateur Radio Club - A dedicated group of amateur radio operators who believe that public service, advancing technical expertise and having fun is what amateur radio is all about
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Operating Aids : Beginner's Guides
  • Beginners Guide to Ham Radio  pop - What is Amateur Radio ?. Things you can to do with amateur radio.
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  • What is QRP - To those new to the hobby of Amateur Radio, hearing the term QRP often raises questions: What is QRP? Why do some hams choose to operate QRP? How can I operate QRP? These are good questions, and all are worth asking. This article will attempt to answer these questions. by William Eric McFadden
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Operating Aids : Beginner's Guides : What Amateur Radio is
  • What is amateur radio - Explalation of amateur radio by Gibraltar amateur radio society
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  • ARRLWeb: Welcome to Amateur Radio - What Amateur Radio (ham radio) is. How to get started in ham radio. License requirements. Where to find instructions.
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  • Eham what is amateur radio - Amateurs/Hams? Operating modes , getting licensed, what ham radio operatos do
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  • NL7EL: What Is Ham Radio - A complete page describing amateur radio activities with links to valuable resources on the net by Blaine S Nay (NL7EL)
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Software : iPhone
  • FreqLoader: iPhone companion for the mobile ham - FreqLoader is the perfect iPhone/iPod Touch companion for amateur radio operators, monitoring enthusiasts, shortwave listeners and anyone with an interest in the air waves. Whether you're an active licensed ham or an avid scanner listener, FreqLoader will allow you to find what you're looking for, keep track of your stations, maintain complete logs and share your finds with friends, groups and the world.
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Technical Reference : Batteries
  • Batteries for Emergency Communications - The purpose of this paper is to provide a basic understanding of the different types of batteries available on the market today so the reader can make an educated decision about what type of battery will best meet their needs for Amateur Radio emergency communications Brett Hammond - KB3HGP
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Technical Reference : Lightning Protection
  • Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Station - Article on lightning protection for the ham radio station, Lightning Characteristics, Identify What is to be Protected, Establishing a Good Ground, Coax Cable Grounding, Operating Safety by wrblock.
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • Safety: RF awarness guidelines - Although Amateur Radio is basically a safe activity, in recent years there has been considerable discussion and concern about the possible hazards of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), including both RF energy and power frequency (50-60 Hz) electromagnetic fields. This section summarizes what is now known and offers safety precautions based on the research to date.
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Technical Reference : Test Equipment
  • Using An Oscilloscope - It allows you to take a peek into a circuit to see what is happening has it happens, irrespective of the speed with which it is taking place
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