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Antennas : Wire
  • Phone line as a SW antenna - This article describes how to use a phone line as a shortwave receiving antenna, but be carefull telephone lines present a potential shock hazard, use at your own risk
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Operating Modes : Mobile Software : DSP
  • WD6CNF DSP Filter - Audio Digital Filter, two bandpass filters, three notch filters, two noise filters graphical setting of filter center frequency and bandwidth Drag vertical lines on top of signal, Microphone input, speaker output Mono, 5 kHz bandwidth
    [ Hits: 4447 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 10.00 ]
Software : Decoders
  • DTMF decoder  updated - A very easy to use program to decode DTMF dial tones found on telephone lines with touch tone phones. The DTMF Decoder is also used for receiving data transmissions over the air in amateur radio frequency bands.
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Technical Reference : Lightning Protection Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • Telephone Interference - Telephone EMI, questions and answers on how to solve interference problems to phone lines
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