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TX3X Chesterfield Reed 2015 DX Pedition

Amateur Radio Bands - Official Bandplans published by IARU Regions available for download

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TX3X Chesterfield Reed 2015 DX Pedition

A visual demonstration on how directional antennas radiates by KC2UHB

https://youtu.be/Ih5kngSQ4Sc A video by BBC introducing the very particular world of Amateur Radio. Even with the web, mobiles, social networks short messaging you may expect the...

Arduino Band decoder, S5 HF Band Plan, 80m XBM80-2 QRP CW RTX, SO2RDuino , XML Bandplan, Fox Telemetry Decoder, FTDX3000 Interface N1MM+, Ham Radio Activities,Yaesu VX-6 VX-7 R Reference Card

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