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  • Check coaxial cable with a multimeter - How to check coaxial cable with a common multimeter
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  • Coaxial Cable Tester - A simple coax cable tester built based on the KG0ZZ project.
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  • Measure Impedence of Coax Cables - This video shows one way to use a scope and function generator to measure the length of a piece of coax transmission line as well as estimate its impedance
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  • RF Cable Testing - The cable testing approaches discussed in this article gives an idea about the electrical characteristics of a coaxial cable. Velocity of Propagation, Characteristics Impedance, Return Loss Measurement and more
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  • Simple Coax Testing - How to check for propoer connector installation by using a common multimeter to verify conductivity and resistance.
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  • The Coax Tester - This useful coax tester allows you to screw the PL-259 onto the tester to get a GO/NO GO status. When the LED lights up- you have a short circuit.
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