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Chinese HF SDR Transceiver - 15W SSB CW AM FM and FreeDV

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RSGB - Feb 24, 2020
Anytone AT-D578UVPRO—a look at the dual band 144/430MHz DMR/FM mobile To read this edition, tap or click cover image News and Reports Around Your Region – Club events calendar 84 Around Your Region – Events roundup 89 New products 14 News 12 RS...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
piled by Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, editor of the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
According to the Amateur Radio Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 16th-February, through Sunday, 23rd-February there were 226 countries active...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
The IOTA Bash, an annual event to raise funds for the "Island Radio Expedition Foundation" (IREF) [www.irefradio.com], is scheduled this year, March 27-28th, at AD5A’s QTH in Boerne, TX, near San Antonio, TX...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
At the Council Meeting held on 7 and 8 February 2020, the SARL Council stated that an electronic vote (Rule 8.9.2) would be held ...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
22 February - 1 March this special event station will be on air thanks to Ràdio Club Barcelona, EA3RKB, echoing this first class international event hosted by the mobile world capital...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
Don Beattie G3BJ reports more than 30 “SDR Geeks” attended the first SDR Winter School ...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
The Irish Radio Transmitters Society have issued an urgent reminder regarding email addresses following reports that holders of eircom.net email addresses will shortly incur a monthly charge for the use of their email address...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
AMSAT has filed comments on the Federal Communications Commission's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which proposes to delete the 3.3 - 3.5 GHz (9 cm) amateur band, including the 3.40 - 3.41 GHz amateur satellite service allocation...
Southgate ARC - Feb 24, 2020
Seven youth from 6 countries and 4 continents will meet this May at superstation K3LR in West Middlesex, PA and compete for 48 hours in CQ WPX CW in hopes to contend for a top finish, inspire more youth radio sport events, and ultimately bring down t...
ARRL - Feb 23, 2020
The ARRL website and other online services will be offline on Friday, February 28, for up to 8 hours in order to conduct necessary maintenance. The outage will begin at 0500 UTC and should end by 1300 UTC. Affected will be the main ARRL website, the ...
AMSAT-NA - Feb 23, 2020
AMSAT NEWS SERVICE — ANS-054 The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and information service of AMSAT, The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. ANS publishes news related to Amateur Radio in Space including reports on the activ...
Southgate ARC - Feb 22, 2020
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low levels...
Southgate ARC - Feb 22, 2020
Over the March 14 – 15 weekend, members of the Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club (SADARC) in Australia will be on the air as VI3RA (Radio Australia), connecting their transceivers to the curtain array and rhombic antennas at the former Rad...
Southgate ARC - Feb 22, 2020
The most recent sunspot appearance was on February 1, nearly three weeks ago. Average daily solar flux over the past week declined just barely from 71.1 to 70.9...

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