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How can I contribute by writing articles ?

What is The DXZone?

The DXZone is an On-Line only internet resource dedicated to Amateur Radio community, which includes Licensed HAM operators, Citizens Band Operators, Short Wave listeners, Broadcasting listeners and anyone may have interest on radio transmission and two-way communications. Read more about us

Cannot follow links on your site

If you can’t click the right thing to see the content of the page, and you feel like you’re entering an endless cycle of clicks, maybe you’re clicking on the wrong text.

Links to external websites, are the main title of the page.
Just click on the title above the image and you’ll be redirected to the external resource.

If you are running an ADBlock Browser Extensionn, try disabling it, sometime ADBlockers rewrite the content of pages, hiding relevant elements of our site.

How do I add my site to The DXZone?

To suggest a site to The DXZone , you should fill out the form you can find here. Once recevied the links will be queued and some of out authors will review and validate it.

You should select the appropriate category, among the 1000+ list of categories. We suggest to browse our index, navigating to the category where you will want to see your link listed, and click on the “Add a new Link” button you will find on the right side. This will automatically select the category.

How long it will take to add a link to the index ?

Usually we have tens or hundres of links on our queue, so don’t expect to see it listed in a few hours. It may require even weeks. If you want you can write us to justify your urgency.

What do the numbers in parenthesis stand for?

The numbers that appear in parenthesis next to The DXZone categories represent the number of entries categorized directly under that subject heading. The number does not include entries in any linked directories.

A site was in The DXZone last week, but it’s no longer there. What happened?

It probably means a number of things, most probably that we have removed the site because it is no longer working. But to make sure, you should make a search of our index.

I find many broken Links

Our site list over 20.000+ links to web sites and resources on the internet. Every day several new links disappear from the internet, or get moved elsewhere. Our mission is to provide quality working links, and our work consist on maintaining this list updated. You can immagine this is a huge work, so apologize us if some links stopped working. Our autumates procedures checks and verify links every day, and delist it if they become unavailable. In some cases, we act by finding copies or fixing the redirection. Contact us if you find a broken link you need, we will try to relocate it for you.

How are links gathered for The DXZone database?

Most sites are suggested by users. Sites are placed in categories by The DXZone Surfers, who visit and evaluate all suggestions and decide where they best belong. This is done to ensure that The DXZone is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

Is The DXZone database really built by people?

It is indeed. All suggested sites are visited and evaluated by The DXZone Surfers who decide where the sites best belong. This ensures that The DXZone is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

What should I do if I click on a link and get ‘Permission Denied’, or ‘File not found’?

When you follow a link and you get errors, there may be several reasons. First, the site may be busy or temporarily down. It may be that the site is denying people access. Of course it may be that the link no longer exists.

If you think that a link no longer exists, please inform us and we’ll remove it from our directory.

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Guest posting

We accept ONLY ham radio guest posts by amateur radio operators willing to share their experience or projects. Posting is totally free and not rewarded in any way. Links to websites will be nofollowed. Admission to guest posting has to be validated and approved. Contact us to know our guest posting policies.