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Priority Links

Make your link a Priority link.

Priority links

Get listed at the top of your category and show up first via keyword searches with dxzone.com
Get "Priority links" by simply linking back to dxzone.com !

Q. What are Priority Listings?
A. Priority Listings are listings that appear at the top of the dxzone.com pages. Usually Priority links are listed on top of search results. They are meant to provide web sites a higly visible listing in exchange for the placement of a reciprocal link on their web site.

Q. Who qualifies for a Priority Listing?
A. Every website, linking back to dxzone.com, can be qualified a Priority listing. Dxzone.com need to know where the link is.

Q. How can I link back to dxzone.com ?
A. Dxzone.com allow several methods, and welcome any type of hypertextual links, but we prefer you use the official Banners, or the usefull Search boxes

Q. Where should I place the link?
A. The dxzone.com will check for the presence of the link automatically at scheduled intervals. The link should be placed in the same page linked by dxzone.com, or the the page specified in the "Reciprocal Link URL" field.

Q. How can I notify dxzone.com of the new link?
A.If you place the link in the same page we link your site, you have nothing to do, since it will be automatically discovered by dxzone.com. Otherwise, if the link is in a different page, you need to Modify your link in our database, and type the URL where the Reciprocal Link can be found.

Q. How often you will check my website?
A. At least once per week. Maybe more.

Q. Why my website has lost Priority link?
A. Maybe because during the last check we did not found a link back to dxzone.com. Maybe your site was unavailable. Checkings are randomly validated by humans, so, no cheat.

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