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  • CW (morse) practice audio - Here are a few links to CW practice audio files at various speeds. Includes words and group of call-signs
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  • CW Ops - Morse Code Practice Files - Learn morse code with these audio practice files. Includes QSO practice and W1AW files in mp3. Text files with transcript are also available to check and compare your cw copy.
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  • CW Practice Code Files - ARRL Method - Morse code audio practice files in mp3 format by ARRL You will learn all 43 characters in 7 groups of 5-7 characters includes with separate answer keys in text files
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  • Generate CW Practice files - Gnerate morse code at various speeds and with lots of different types of content, everything from individual letters up to a full QSO.
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  • K7QO Morse Code Course - Chuck Adams CW course a udio files, in mp3 format including pdf with answers. Available to freely download in a .iso image
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  • Morse Code Audio Files - Morse code MP3 audio files to download containing 200 hours of at increasing speeds plus an ASCII-to-CW file generator program
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  • Morse Code Audio Lessons - Morse Code Training online audio recordings, grouped in three different levels for a total of 37 different exercises provided by Scarborough Amateur Radio Society
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  • Morse Code Speed Practice files - This mp3 files will help you increase your copying speed beyond 5 WPM. This page contain drills that start at 6 WPM and go up to 12 WPM. After you have mastered a higher speed move up to the next speed.
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  • MP3 CW Practice files - Generate and download morse code practice files in the mp3 format. You can even download the texts to check the resources. Files can be generated online by selecting speed, tone and duration.
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  • Practice Files Provided by K7QO - With this method you will learn all 43 characters one character at a time starting with A and progressing through Z followed by numerals, MP3 single files with answer keys
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  • W1AW Code Practice Files - W1AW code practice transmissions for the dates and speeds indicated. The files are in MP3 format
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    Morse code : Morse Code Practice Audio Files

    Morse Code Practice Audio Files
    Downloadable CW practice Audio files in mp3 format. Learn morse code listening to audio files.

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