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This is a summary of The DXZone Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question regarding adding a site to The DXZone, please see How to Suggest Your Site.


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What is The DXZone?

The DXZone is an On-Line only internet resource dedicated to Amateur Radio community, which includes Licensed HAM operators, Citizens Band Operators, Short Wave listeners, Broad Casting listeners and anyone may have interest on radio transmission and communications.

How do I add my site to Te DXZone?

To suggest a site to The DXZone , see How to add a site.

What do the numbers in parenthesis stand for?

The numbers that appear in parenthesis next to The DXZone categories represent the number of entries categorized directly under that subject heading. The number does not include entries in any linked directories.

A site was in The DXZone last week, but it's no longer there. What happened??

It probably means a number of things, most probably that we have removed the site because it is no longer functional. But to make sure, you should do a search to make sure we haven't moved it elsewhere.

How are links gathered for The DXZone database?

Most sites are suggested by users. Sites are placed in categories by The DXZone Surfers, who visit and evaluate all suggestions and decide where they best belong. This is done to ensure that The DXZone is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

To suggest a site to The DXZone, see How to add a site.

Is The DXZone database really built by people?

It is indeed. All suggested sites are visited and evaluated by The DXZone Surfers who decide where the sites best belong. This ensures that The DXZone is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

What kinds of bugs should be reported to The DXZone ?

Please report errors to us if a link has been relocated, or disappeared, permission denied, or if we have made errors in the title, comments, URL, or classification of the link.

What should I do if I click on a link and get 'Permission Denied', or 'File not found'?

When you follow a link and you get errors, there may be several reasons. First, the site may be busy or temporarily down. It may be that the site is denying people access. Of course it may be that the link no longer exists.

If you think that a link no longer exists, please inform us and we'll remove it from our directory.


How are search results ordered?

The DXZone search scans two main areas: The DXZone categories andweb sites listed in The DXZone.

How do I narrow a search?

Searches can be narrowed or broadened depending on the search options and syntax you choose. Basic search options can be found on the search options page.

Can I write my own code to point to your search form?

Certainly. Although be aware that we can change our search interface without notice, so make sure the fields you use stay consistent over time. For more information on linking to our search and other features, see Link to us

How do I add my call-sign to the Directory ?

The Directory is reserved only to Licensed HAM operators and CB. In order to add your call-sign and all data you wish to publish on the directory, you must obtain the proper log-in account.

What is Log-in account ?

The log-in account consist of an USERNAME and a PASSWORD that you can receive by submitting your email address to The DXZone. Use the JOIN US button you can find in te Directory main page.
You will then receive in your mailbox the url to the Log-in page along with your Log-in account.
The Log-in account is personal and related to your email address.

Why my Log-in account is not Valid ?

If after having logged-in you receive an "invalid user" error, is typically because you have made a mistake typing the Username and / or Password. Follow instruction you have received inside the log-in email you have received.