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  • Chiltern DX Club - The aim of the club is to promote HF operating in Amateur Radio and to encourage excellence, particularly in DXing and contest operating. We approach this through mutual assistance, by the support of DXpeditions, by the issuing of achievement awards and by whatever other means are deemed to be appropriate.
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  • Danish DX Group - The object of Danish DX Group is to attract DX-interested radioamateurs in a closer co-operation
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  • GDXF - German DX Foundation - The German DX Foundation (GDXF), founded in 1996, was established to support HF DX activities - on all bands or modes - to rare countries all over the world
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  • International DX Association, Inc - The International DX Association is an amateur radio organization dedicated to working DX and making DX possible. Promotes and supports DX operations in countries that have limited or no amateur radio activity. Support is usually to DXpeditions to rare DXCC entities. Provides DX news and QSL routes on 14.236 MHz at 2330z.
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  • NCDXF - The Northern California DX Foundation is a private foundation established in 1972 to assist worthwhile amateur radio and scientific projects with funding and equipment.
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  • NDXA - NDXA Nippon DX Association supports major DX-expeditions. DX news and updates from Japan
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  • SDXF Swiss DX Foundation - SDXF is a Swiss nonprofit organisation, founded in 1998 to help supporting amateurradio expeditions to rare places where little or no amateurradio activity exists.
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